How to pronounce French words?

Do you know how to pronounce French words?


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If you are here is that you want to learn and improve your French, well done!
That’s a great idea 😀

Fast French Learning

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French pronunciation, let’s go!

The sound A
Abricot - Apricot
Carotte - Carrot
Château - Castle

The sound B
Tambour - Drum
Abeille - Bee
Bambou - Bamboo

The sound E
Jeter – To throw
Le - The
Semaine - Week
Cerise - Cherry

The sound é
Manger – To eat
Acheter – To buy
Ecarter - Dismiss
Les - The

The sound è
Tête - Head
Lait - Milk
Chèvre - Goat
Juillet - July

The sound I
Rivière - River
Joli - Pretty
Citron - Lemon

The sound 0
Château - Castle
Haut - High

The sound U
Utiliser – To use
Ustensile - Utensil
Chaussures - Shoes

The sound OU
Kangourou - Kangaroo
Genou - Knee
Hibou - Owl

The sound EN
Plante - Plant
Branche - Branch
Prendre – To take

The sound UN
Chemin - Way
Jardin - Garden
Linge - Laundry

The sound ON
Bouton - Button
Blouson - Jacket
Bronze - Bronze

Did you manage to pronounce those words properly? 😀

Thomas, your French teacher 😀


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