10 ways to learn French with whatsapp groups !

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Here I introduce you several approach for using whatsapp to be better at speaking the French language or another target language. Whatsapp is an app that you can download on your cell phone to speak with people fom all around the world.

How can you use this application to improve the French language ?

The first thing is that you can send a message to the person or the group you want. So, you can improve the French language with people form all around the world, friends. You can make recording audios and the people who receive it can listen to it whenever they want, and they can send you a message whenever they want, and you can answer whenever you want. You can improve different area of your target language : speaking, the accent, listening understanding,... Which is nice is that you can listen to the message you just wrote. You can send an audio message and as well a written message.

The second thing is that you are speaking in the French language with your friends, or you can as well speaking with native people they speak another language, you can do it with the foreign language you want. You can as well sending to each other nice and useful content and videos in your target language.

The third thing is you can send to the others some French expressions, a lot of pictures,.. You can sent these to each other. Obviously, everything has to be written in French or in your target language if you do not want to learn French.   

The forth thing is to send podcast to each other. They are saved on your cell phone so you can listen to them whenever you want. For example : personal development posdcasts, about food, culture in general, an audiobook,...

The fifth thing : and it is obvious because it is related to the cell phone, you can call your friends or language partner, so you can speak, practice the language (oral understanding and oral production) regularly.

The sixth thing. You can also do a video call, that is very nice, you can practice in this way as well. It is like a Skype meeting. It is suitable principally for the visual pupil. You can learn from  the facial expressions if you are talking with a native.

The seventh thing is finding a group of friends, they have to be native French people, and you can talk to each other. You can share what you want with each other. It is very useful, specifically if there is a lockdown. You can send the informations you want : jokes, news, travelling tips, language techniques, language tips,...

The eighth thing : you can find other language pupil (for the French language) whose you can talk with to maintain and increase your level. You can create a group specifically for them. You can send to each other some videos, some courses, some podcasts,... Everything you can share to increase your level in the French language. Sharing content to be better at speaking the French language.  

The nineth thing. You can practice geography as well. For example if you are talking with someone who lives in another French speaking country, like Quebec or Belgium, you can share the locations with each other and then discovering the erea on a map. For example you can use Google Earth. They can send their location (where they live) to you, and you send them your location (the city, the place where you live). In doing this you are learning more on the countries where they speak the French language, and about the French speaking culture in general. It is the same for others languages. The tenth thing : you can send to each other whatever you want that can help you to improve the French language : recipes, books, audiobooks, all the texts you want, documents,...

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