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Do you really want to learn French ?

Are you very enthusiastic when you are thinking of learning the French language ? «Oh yes, I really want to learn and improve my French, youpi » ! Do you have good reasons to learn the French language ? Why would you want to spend time to study the French language ?

I want to learn the French language because :

  • I want to go to live or to travel to France or to a French speaking country, I want to know different culture (France, Québec, Belgium
  • The French culture is present in several countries  which are not French speaking countries, for example : Russia, Japan,...)
  • I want to be able to have talks with some of the members of my family who speak French
  • I want to be able to read the classics French novels (Victor Hugo, Emile Zola,...) and poetry (Rimbaud, Beaudelaire,...)
  • I want to be surrounded by native French speakers
  • I want to have native French speakers friends -I want to know the French culture

Learning a new language is not easy everyday, it could be painful sometimes, so if you really know why you want to speak this language and why choose to not spending your time to do another activity, it will help you a lot to keep the motivation on your learning journey.

What do you to be surrounded by the French language ?

Create an immersion in the French language, wherever your are. I suggest you to behave like if you were in France or in a French speaking country ! To get an immersion experience.

  • At home, I suggest you to put post-its on the objects with their names in French, for example : frigidaire (fridge), placard (cupboard), bureau (desk), étagère (shelf), lit (bed), tapis (carpet), lumière (light), vêtements (clothes), chaussures (shoes),...
  • I suggest you to go to French speaking events in the city you live, talking with the French native people
  • I suggest you to read books, novels, newspapers in French
  • I suggest you as well to tudying with an audio support, it could be the radio, it could be videos (with French subtitles), movies, audiobooks, podcasts, songs,...
  • I suggest you to change the language of your cellphone, your tablet, your computer,... all your devices into French, do everything in French : your research on Google, downloading an app, using Whatsapp,...

Why not having your own phrasebook ?

In this book you will write all the sentences you need for your first steps in France or in a French speaking country : the basics ones that are common to every people who learn French and the phrases related to you, to your life. With a simple conjugation and translation.

The basisc French sentences could be :

-Quel bus je dois pendre pour aller au centre ville ? → Which bus should I take to go to the city center ?
-Où est le centre commercial le plus proche ? → Where is the nearest shopping center?
-Quel est le restaurant le plus proche d’ici ? → What is the closest restaurant to here ?
-Où est-ce que je peux louer une voiture ? → Where can I rent a car ?
-Où est-ce que je peux faire des courses ? → Where can I go shopping ?

The phrases related to your life could be :

-Je viens de Los Angeles → I come from Los Angeles
-Je travaille dans l’informatique → I work in IT
-J’aime faire du basket et lire des romans → I like to basketball and read novels

-Je suis parti en vacances en France → I went on vacation to France
-J’ai une passion pour la montagne → I have a passion for the mountains

With simple sentences related to your life it is easier to learn and to remember what you learn in the French language. And you will be able to talk about yourself with French people, which give you motivation to continue to study this beautiful language.

Are you ok with your mistakes ?

There are sounds that we find in the both languages English and French, and there are sounds that we find in just one language : English or French. So, it will take you time to say some sounds on a good way, to sounds like a French person. And maybe some sounds you will never be able to say them right. So, I suggest you to accept your mistakes when you are tallking to someone. If you feel uncomfortable while you are talking to someone in French, it will take more time to be fluent. Push yourself, it worth it !

What do you think about talking with native French people ?

You can find people to do so in your city, with the websites

  • MeetUp is a website to  look for social events, it could be sports, board games, music, language exchange,... and you can ask in a group if a French native person is available to talk with you.
  • Couchsurfing is a very famous social website, in several cities in the world they organize a cultural meeting every week , it could be a language exchange, but if there are no French people you can find them through the website and make a skype exchange.

There are two famous online language plateform to meet someone to talk French with.

  • Italki : It is free, or you have to pay if you want to have a course
  • Hello Talk : this is a free mobile app.

They are one of the great resources, better than flashcards, to increase your stock-word, learning a variety of expressions.

Why do you think about learning French with courses ?

You can go to the university during the summer for 1 week or 2 weeks. You can mix it with living in a host family (exchange). Which is helpful is that you will get feedbacks from the professors who know the language, it will correct your mistakes. You can decide to go for an exchange in France or in a French speaking country for a semester or one year (example : erasmus), maybe you will not study French but you will study in French. 

What about learning French with a private tutor ?

The professor is here just for you, he will correct your accent, all the aspects of the language that are difficult for you. The bad point of being taught by a private professor is that is more expensive than a group course.

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