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This app is for kids, it provides activities for educations, teaching children : reading, speaking, spelling.

  • It is suitable for child from 3 years old to 10 years old
  • It provides program for young child, the very newbies who want to learn the French language

There is a mix between well organized courses and funny games. The courses are divided into several parts. Each ones teach you (or your children) the main French words in different contexts.

You are going to hear male and female voices. The intonation is different so you can train your hear and getting more listening skills

  • In every courses pack you are going to find more than 6 games
  • Some original music and songs, some sound effects and some artistic cartoons  
  • The games are entertaining
  • There are two courses which are free ones and fourteen games  to learn the French language.
  • It says and spell the principle colors

You can as well buy a lot of different courses :

  • Learning how to count (numbers)
  • Learning the main parts of the human body -What is the name for a specific fruit ?
  • Learning the nouns for the food, so you can easily order in a restaurant
  • Learning to describe clothing worn by people
  • Learning how to talk about cars, bicycles,...
  • Learning the nouns of the elements that composed a house : furniture, rooms,...
  • Learning the nouns of the animals of the sea : fishes, turtles, whales, sharks,...
  • Learning how to call the objects from the classroom
  • Learning how to use the verbs to express an action

It is good for the development of your children due to the diversity of the games, the challenges, and several ways to learn.

  • Playing games (playing in general) is very important for the development of your children
  • It helps to get more motor skills and attention -When they do the exercises they are reinforcing the coordination between the gestures and the eyes
  • The children are provided with feedbacks, so they are able to know if they are doing right or wrong
  • It helps your children to use that kind of support in a efficient way

Here are some reviews :

« When I started using it I thought it was too simple, but I did it with my son (he is 7 years old) and as he progressed I have noticed that the complexity of the phrases became more important. Step by step she understood better the French language, what is taught. This is for newbies, it starts from the basics. Your children will not speak fluently after these courses, but their comprehension will be better »  

« It is amazing ! I am an adult but I like to learn the French language with it, I have a ball. It is a nice way to teach the French language to my children. There are not advertisment. This is normal to pay at a certain point. The people who created it need money to developp it more otherwise it will not be possible. We need money to make nice applications. I would like that everyone understand it and stop to complain. It would be better if the price would be lower »  

« I do not let a review everytime but I do it for this application. It is an amazing one, it is interactive, you can record your voice, sometimes you need to do it for some games. I would play not just to learn the French language but as well to have fun »   

« I like it very much. I love the games, I spend a nice time playing. It is very efficient to learn the French language  with them. I do not want to pay for using it so I stopped to play these games. I like also the Duolingo application. It would be nice to have an application that mixes hese two applications and if it would be free »  

« I really love it, that is amazing ! I am young and I have been learning the French language for 1 month. I feel good using this application, it is funny, I have pleasure to learn »

« It is really amazing, I love it so much ! You can do the colors for free but you need to pay to do the rest.I had a lot of fun to play with it, I love it »

« It is a gorgeous application, it is very funny and it is as well easy to use ! The graphics are really nice. It is very suitable for the young children » 

« I want that my children go to France or to a French speaking country to be immerged into the French language It is enough for the children. I am happy to tell you that my children love it »

«  I paid to use it, so far it is really good, it works well, my child loves it »

« It is a very nice tool ! It is fun for children but aslo for the adults ! »

« It is a fun application to learn the French language. My daughter is 8 years old and she loves it a lot »

« It is a wonderful application, it contains a lot of funny games » 

« My children are 7 and 8 years old and they love it so much ! It is really funny to use. They prefer that one compare to the Duolingo application »

« My son is really happy to learn the French language with this application »

« It is helpful, it si fun, I love it »

« It is very helpful for children and newbies »

« I like very much the fact that it teaches the French language in a funny way »

« It is for everyone : children and adults ! »

« It is very funny and I have learnt a lot of things »

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