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Dear Thomas,
FYI - I recently retired after 35+ years in the commercial aviation industry.  I had to great pleasure to work with native French speakers from Air France, Airbus, Safran Aero Engines and Bombardier (Canada) over the past 20 years.  Your website was very helpful exploring new learning options - Dean

Hello Thomas !
Just wanna say a very big thank you for the e-books I got, it's super awesome and you are super awesome as well... More grace - Rachael

Hello good day thomas..
I don't know how to say thank you, you are amazing, always help people learning French by sending a fantastic gift (free-book).. I really appreciate your huge support... merci beacoup - Inyoman

Yes I read the 2 E-BOOKS. I really appreciate them. I thank you very much. They are very interesting. Merci beaucoup ! - Malika

Good morning 
Yes I read the 2 E- BOOKS and I will read them once more.
Indeed they are very interesting.
Thank you very much - Inaam

Thank you for sending the two free E-books.  I appreciate your gift.  I like that your examples are completely in French. - Missie

Dear Thomas, 
I am really enjoying reading these books. I like the way you have prepared « le masculin et féminin en français » because they have the article so it is easier to memorize them.
Thanks for the gift of these books I really appreciate them.
Merci beaucoup ! - Rita

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for the eBooks. They look just like what I was looking for in order to become proficient in knowing when and how to use prepositions and gender in nouns well.
Best - Juan Carlos

Dear Thomas,
I have received your Ebooks, and thank you very much for sending them. It is very kind of you and worth more. Your efforts to teach learners who want to learn French language is very genuine and very praiseworthy. Will be seeing you soon with more of your subjects and will be learning through your online as well.
Basanta Danuwar

Merci et mes félicitations pour avoir mis à disposition gratuitement autant de matériel sur votre blog, en plus des fichiers PDF. Vous m'avez beaucoup aidé dans mon apprentissage du français !
Thank you and congratulations on making so much material available on your blog for free, in addition to the PDF files. You have helped me a lot in my learning French!

Yes I read them . It was easy for me to understand . Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful knowledge with me . I will read them again to have more practice. Merci beaucoup monsieur. 🌺🌺

Dear Thomas 🙂
First I want to begin by saying THANK YOU!! You are awesome ! I started reading one of the books and to be honest because I am a beginner I still haven't finished all of it. BUT I am learning!! slowly but surely and your book helps A LOT. I appreciate your amazing work !

I am very happy to recieve your email and the PDF is really helping me out. Thanks for the support. And excited to recieve those articles from you😀 You are good one. - Nancy

I have received the books and I must say... They are very good.Thank you so much.

I am still a beginner in learning French , and this  really means a lot to me. Your  pdfs are so neat and clear. Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us. Thank you very much 🥰🥰. Keep it up.👍👍👍

Thank you very much for your help 🙂 I am going to follow you...! - Ayhan

Dear Thomas
Thanks a lot for the two E-books you sent me. The pages I have checked so far are really interesting and I am sure they will dispel some doubts I have about this beautiful language. My current level is A2 (I think). 
Kindest regards - Jorge

 Thank you so much for this precious gift. I am mesmerized to see your generosity.Thank you again for reminding me of the lessons. Take a bunch of loves.

Hi Thomas. I am very grateful to you 🤗Thanks for all you did. I am learning French and the e-books you send are a great treasure. Now I feel confident. Thank you ☺️ one more time 😊

Hi Thomas,
Thank you very much for the 2 ebooks. They are indeed very helpful to understand the usage of prepositions and also to understand the masculine and feminine nouns.

Thank you so much. Your website is really amazing. Thanks for being generous and kind enough to share your wonderful knowledge.🥰🥰🥰

Thanks for sending me these two free E-books, They're really well-instructed.

Hello Mr Thomas,
I am so proud to hear from such an intelligent man like you..God bless you dear..

"Good evening Thomas,I really appreciate the two e-books of French that you have sent. I learnt a lot and can differentiate between ferminin and masculin nouns. Merci beaucoup!".
From Howard

Hello, Mr. Thomas!!
First of all I am very thankful to you for the two e-books on French and I appreciate your hardwork.

I love the E-Books. Thank you so much.

Thanks !!! I received the E-Books and they were so good !!

Thanks Thomas ! I appreciate it. 

Hi Thomas,
You're much appreciated for helping your students. This is definitely a handy note which will help me a lot to move further.

Hello Thomas,
l'm so grateful for the free ebooks you've sent to me. I really love them !
Merci infiniment !

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Dear Thomas,
I really like the structure of the lesson. The pictures help me more to memorise the words. The exercise help me to revise the vocabulary that I am learning and apart from that I can correct my work and see where I went wrong.
Thanks very much for your patience and work 

I love the poems and podcasts. It is authentic content.
Sincerely - Steve

1 to 1 French lesson 👨‍🎓

Thomas is a good teacher, caring and ready to listen and help me about my needs. He helped me to consolidate and improve my French. I totally recommend him !

You are a teacher with plenty of ideas and your method is really original!😊 I like it very much!👌

Very nice and entertaining teacher. Try it, you won't be bored !!!