Faire / to do



Past (Imparfait)

Je fais β†’ I am doing
Tu fais β†’ You are doing
Il/elle fait β†’ He/she is doing
Nous faisons β†’ We are doing
Vous faites β†’ You are doing
Ils/elles faites β†’ They are doing

Je ferai β†’ I will do
Tu feas β†’ You will do
Il/elle fera β†’ He/she will do
Nous ferons β†’ We will do
Vous ferez β†’ You will do
Ils/elles feront β†’ They will do

Je faisais β†’ I did
Tu faisais β†’ You did
Il/elle faisais β†’ He/she did
Nous faisions β†’ We did
Vous faisiez β†’ You did
Ils/elles faisaient β†’ They did

Etre / to be

Je suis β†’ I am
Tu es β†’ You are
Il/elle est β†’ He/she is
Nous sommes β†’ We are
Vous Γͺtes β†’ You are
Ils/elles sont β†’ They are

Je serai β†’ I will be
Tu seras β†’ You will be
Il/elle sera β†’ He/she will be
Nous serons β†’ We will be
Vous serez β†’ You will be
Ils/elles seront β†’ They will be

J’étais β†’ I was
Tu Γ©tais β†’ You were
Il/elle Γ©tait β†’ He/she was
Nous Γ©tions β†’ We were
Vous Γ©tiez β†’ You were
Ils/elles Γ©taient β†’ They were

Dire / to say

Je dis β†’ I say
Tu dis β†’ You say
Il/elle dit β†’ He/she says
Nous disons β†’ We say
Vous dites β†’ You say
Ils/elles disent β†’ They say

Je dirai β†’ I will say
Tu diras β†’ You will say
Il/elle dira β†’ He/she will say
Nous dirons β†’ We will say
Vous direz β†’ You will say
Ils/elles diront β†’ They will say

Je disais β†’ I said
Tu disais β†’ Yous aid
Il/elle disait β†’ He/she said
Nous disions β†’ We said
Vous disiez β†’ You said
Ils disaient β†’ They said

Avoir / to have

J’ai β†’ I have
Tu as β†’ You have
Il/elle a β†’ He/she has
Nous avons β†’ We have
Vous avez β†’ You have
Ils/elles ont β†’ They have

J’aurai β†’ I will have
Tu auras β†’ You will have
Il/elle aura β†’ He/she will have
Nous aurons β†’ We will have
Vous aurez β†’ You will have
Ils/elles auront β†’ They will have

J’avais β†’ I did
Tu avais β†’ You did
Il/elle avait β†’ He/she did
Nous avions β†’ We did
Vous aviez β†’ You did
Ils/elles avaient β†’ They did

Voir / to see

Je vois β†’ I see
Tu vois β†’ You see
Il/elle voit β†’ He/she sees
Nous voyons β†’ We see
Vous voyez β†’ You see
Ils/elles voient β†’ They see

Je verrai β†’ I will see
Tu verras β†’ You will see
Il/elle verra β†’ He/she will see
Nous verrons β†’ We will see
Vous verrez β†’ You will see
Ils/elles verront β†’ They will see

Je voyais β†’ I saw
Tu voyais β†’ You saw
Il/elle voyait β†’ He/she saw
Nous voyions β†’ We saw
Vous voyiez β†’ You saw
Ils/elles voyaient β†’ They saw

Aller / to go

Je vais β†’ I am going
Tu vas β†’ You are going
Il/elle va β†’ He/she is going
Nous allons β†’ Wer are going
Vous allez β†’ You are going
Ils/elles vont β†’ They are going

J’irai β†’ I will go
Tu iras β†’ You will go
Il/elle ira β†’ He/she will go
Nous irons β†’ We will go
Vous irez β†’ You will go
Ils/elles iront β†’ They will go

J’allais β†’ I went
Tu allais β†’ You went
Il/elle allait β†’ He/she went
Nous allions β†’ We went
Vous alliez β†’ You went
Ils allaient β†’ They went

Prendre / to take

Je prends β†’ I am taking
Tu prends β†’ Yo are taking
Il/elle prend β†’ He/she is taking
Nous preons β†’ We are taking
Vous prenez β†’ You are taking
Ils/elles prennent β†’ They are taking

Je prendrai β†’ I will take
Tu prendras β†’ You will take
Il/elle prendra β†’ He/she will take
Nous prendrons β†’ We will take
Vous prendrez β†’ You will take
Ils/elles prendront β†’ They will take

Je prenais β†’ I took
Tu prenais β†’ You took
Il/elle prenait β†’ He/she took
Nous prenions β†’ We took
Vous preniez β†’ You took
Ils/elles prennent β†’ They took

Savoir / to know

Je sais β†’ I know
Tu sais β†’ You know
Il/elle sait β†’ He/she knows
Nous savons β†’ We know
Vous savez β†’ You know
Ils/elles savent β†’ They know

Je saurai β†’ I will know
Tu sauras β†’ You will know
Il/elle saura β†’ He/she will know
Nous saurons β†’ We will know
Vous aurez β†’ You will know
Ils/elles sauront β†’ They will know

Je savais β†’ I knew
Tu savais β†’ You knew
Il/elle savait β†’ He/she knew
Nous savions β†’ We knew
Vous saviez β†’ You knew
Ils savaient β†’ They knew

Partir / to leave

Je pars β†’ I am leaving
Tu pars β†’ You are leaving
Il/elle part β†’ He/she is leaving
Nous partons β†’ We are leaving
Vous partez β†’ You are leaving
Ils/elles partent β†’ They are leaving

Je partirai β†’ I will leave
Tu partiras β†’ You will leave
Il/elle partira β†’ He/she will leave
Nous partirons β†’ We will leave
Vous partirez β†’ You will leave
Ils/elles partiront β†’ They will leave

Je partais β†’ I left
Tu partais β†’ You left
Il/elle partait β†’ He/she left
Nous partions β†’ We left
Vous partiez β†’ You left
Ils/elles partaient β†’ They left

Mettre / to put

Je mets β†’ I put
Tu mets β†’ You put
Il/elle met β†’ He/she put
Nous mettons β†’ We put
Vous mettez β†’ You put
Ils /elles mettent β†’ They put

Je mettais β†’ I put
Tu mettais β†’ You put
Il/elle mettait β†’ He/she put
Nous mettions β†’ We put
Vous mettiez β†’ You put
Ils/elles mettaient β†’ They put

Je mettrai β†’ I will put
Tu mettras β†’ You will put
Il/elle mettra β†’ He/she will put
Nous mettrons β†’ We will put
Vous mettrez β†’ You will put
Ils/elles mettront β†’ They will put