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You want to get some resources in the French language but it is hard to find them ? What is the reason ? Here I introduce you what is the right way to find the resources you want in the French language.

So, you are looking for French grammar exercises to practice, and you do this at home on the internet. Is everything ok with that ? If you write what you are looking for in the English language maybe you are not going to find what you are looking for, because you want to learn the French language. So, what you are going to find, maybe it is not going be the real French language. You should write the topics you are searching for, in the French language. So, if you write what you are searching for in your target language (the language you want to learn or improve, the French language for you), you are going to have a more important choice to find what you want. There is another thing that I suggest you to consider : today, we do not get the informations the way as before, we do not go always in a library are in a bookshop, internet is the most important thing now in order to do that. Nowadays, so many people do it on the internet, this is how it is now. When you want to get an information on Google, you can use « » but I suggest you to use « », for France. You can do it as well for all the French speaking country, in this case the ending of the google is not going to be the same. For example, for Canada is « », for Belgium is « », for Senegal is « », for Côte d’Ivoire is « »... If you want informations from a French speaking country, in this case using « » is not really suitable. If you get the informations from a French speaking country the resources are going to be better. This is the same for the Amazon website, I suggest you to use « » instead of using « ». This is the same as well for Netflix, you can change you settings to have a greater choice of French language movies. It is an easy way to do it, you need to look for informations in the French language from French language websites. You can do that with a lot of foreign languages, a lot of target languages. It is going to be easier to find more correct resources.    

Even if you already live in a French speaking country or in France, maybe there are some days when it is not easy to find the good environment, the good context, or even the right person to practice the spoken French with. But, with internet it is changing, so we can easily find the resource we want, the one that meet your needs, what you really want. I introduce you here are three online resources to practice the spoken French.

Use the Meet Up website

A very good resource is « ». « » is a website where you can find people they have the same leasures and hobbies as you, so this is amazing to learn a foreign language (the French language for you) in the city where you live. You need to put your right location (the place where you live now, where you want to attend the events), and you are going to see the events to practice your hobbies in your city or close to where you live, and you are going to find group language exchange events. It can be like this : you have ten minutes on the French language, ten minutes on the English language and then you switch to the other language. Or, the events are more realized in an usual ways, classic : you go to a bar or a pub, just talking with the others, with no predefined times in advanced about speaking in a specific language. It could be as well : you speak about one hour in the French language and one hour in the English language.

Use the Conversation Exchange website or Skype

The website called « ». It is free one. To search for people in your area, close to where you live. For example, if you want to do a face to face meeting you need to have a look at their profile to see if it ok with the way you think, the way you are, if it meets our needs. Also, maybe that the age of the language partner is important for you. You have to contact them or they contact you and you agree on a time to meet to practice the languages. You can as well do it on Skype or first to meet each other online and then go to meet face to face. It is a nice website for that. And at the same time you can make new friends.


The last one. It is a website named « ». You can use it for language exchange, to learn and improve your target language (the French language for you). It contains a lot of profile of people who are looking for people to have language exchange with. It could be wherever you want in the world, you ask them to have a contact, you talk with them a little bit, you ask them what they want, to see what their needs are and then you just begin and you talk with them on Skype for example. You have a like a professor (it is not really a professor) and you speak with him (or her), he is a person who speaks natively or close to natively your target language (so for you it is the French language). The very good point is that it is cheaper than doing it with a professional French teacher. You can do informal conversation. You can do this even if you are a newbie. There is a flexibility in the schedule. One very big advantage is the fact that a lot of teachers live abroad. You can have a lesson early in the morning or late at night, whenever you want. To have a private teacher that comes to your place is maybe more expensive. It is very flexible. You can practice from wherever you want.

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