The best app to be able to speak in French conversations with a good pronunciation

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An app to get more fluency in speaking French.

A nice application

Why this application is better than the others (Rosetta stone, Memrise...) ? When they build a language learning application they have the same problem everytime : to make a balance between the abilities, the content and the features. If there is a lot of content there si going to be less abilities and less features. Busuu is the best application which makes a balance between the three of them. The balance is most important point. A foreign language is harder to learn than others things. Sometimes some application are not well-thought, they do not give the basics first. Sometimes the newbies are getting bored about that, they have just learnt to introduce themselves and they find that learning their target language is boring. Some application, first, provide words and phrases like these ones : « a tree, a bike, an apple, the boy has an apple »,... But what everyone wants is to know how to introduce themselves and to ask someone their name. For this application the balance is ok, the first course is short and all the courses are hepful, Yyou can easily remember it so it keep the motivation up. The second course is a bit longer compare to the first one, the balance is everywhere. What does it mean when your reach your goal ? For some application « to reach a goal » means, for example, to translate into the French language a phrase like this one : « my name is Jean, nice to meet you ». This application sometimes asks you to translate into the French language but much more often it asks you to think. It put you in situations which are pretty much the same as when you need to speak in the French language in the real life, for example something like understanding because of the context,... this is a very powerful techniques when you begin to learn a foreign language.

Studying in order to speak

Now, here we are, the best thing : speaking ! To finish every section you need to answer to an open question but you can also recording an answer, so you need to use a microphone or the microphone of your phone. It is an open question, it says for example « introduce yourself in French », you can say whatever you want, you can be very creative and using everything you have learnt with this application so far. After that some native speakers and others users they send you the correct answer, they give you a feed-back, the reccord their own feed-back. You can talk for a long time, you can say a long answer, or if you are a newbie you can talk rubbish and waiting for the feed-back. You can use it in a nice way or in a bad way, this is the same for all the application. You are going to learn some vocabulary and French grammar rules that you would learn in a natural way, not too advanced so it is nice. You are going to learn some new concepts, you are going to learn some new words, you are going to study with some conversations in which you are going to find this specific vocabulary several times. Then, you are going to use it by yourself. Repetition is the most important thing when you are learning a foreign language. In any case you are not going to remember everything, forgetting is part of the learning journey. If what you are learning makes sense, for example if it is related to your life you will not need as much as repetition compare to something which is not related to your life, that is normal. The reason that the application Duolingo says « the girl has a green apple in her hand » a lot of times is that you have never seen this girl, we do not care about this apple or what colour is it. If you think « how do I say I have one brother and two sisters and they live in the USA », you are going to remember that because that is relevant to you. Also the exercises are categorized into four main levels of difficulty : A1, A2, B1 and B2.

You can create your own study plan

You can set up your study plan the way you want. The application tells you how long it left to reach your goal. You can see how much you are doing everyday and every week. You can see your progression. You can get certificates at the end of each level, but to get them you need to do a test. If you do not get your certificate you have to wait two weeks before doing it once again. The certificate does not mean anything in the real world but is means something to you and that is important.

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