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Practise & Learn: French (Ages 9-11) - with vocab CD-ROM

Here is a part of the content :

Hello → Bonjour
What is your name ? → Comment t’appelles-tu ?
Numbers → Les nombres
Colours → Les couleurs
Months → Les mois
My family → Ma famille
Animals → Les animaux
Clothes → Les vêtements
Food → La nourriture
What do you like doing ? → Qu’es-ce que tu aimes faire ?
What time is it ? → Quelle heure est-il ?
The weather → Le temps
In my town → Dans ma ville

This book comes with a CD-ROM. It si for children from 9 years old to 11 years old. It contains colors. You are going to find a lot of words that you are going to use in your everyday life. There are as well a lot of questions, so your kid will still be interested in what he is learning. The title of the CD-ROM id « Listen and Learn », it is suitable for PC and Mac. You are going to learn a lot of words that you can listen to, they were recorded by native French people. It contains as well a lot of questions and their answers to check if you understood everything. There as well notes to help the parents to guide their children in their French learning journey.

Here are some reviews :

« This workbook is amazing. I am using it to refresh the French language, to consolidate the basics. It is suitable for kids as well. It is clear and easy to follow. To help you to understand there are pictures. You can practice a lot of several exercises to get a better learning and remembering. I strogly suggest you to use it »

« I bought it because the professor of my kid suggested me to do it. He studied with it during his vacations. Now he knows a lot of the French language »

« It is an excellent book to study the French language »

« I really strongly suggest you to use it to learn the French language »

« It was very useful for my kid when he went to France and to a French speaking country for the first time »

« It belongs to a serie of French study book, it is the third one. It is intended for children they are between 5 years old and 7 years old, and for children they are between from 7 years old and 9 years old to 9 years old and 11 years old. There is the same book to study the Spanish language. This book is a nice thing to add to whatyou are learning at chool. We can learn a new language (the French language in your case), your children can learn a new language early in their lives. This book is nice for that, there are colors, it is an enjoybale book to study the French language with »

« The sentences you are going to learn in this book are useful ones, you will be able to use them in youe daily life. You (or your kid) are going to learn how to say the colors, how to say the months, how to say the family members, how to say the nouns of the animals, how to say the nouns of the clothes, how to say the different kind of food, how to have a conversation and how to ask question in this conversation, how to say how the weather is, how to talk about the place where you live, and how to make the difference between the masculine and the feminine words, how to make the difference between singular and the plural. A CD-ROM comes with it, it is very sueful. Your children are going to work on their pronunciation »

« You are going to learn from how to greet to the basics elements of the French language. The children they have to learn how the language sounds, all the little sentences that the native use »

« My two boys did the GCSE exam, they studied the French language with this book and I can say that it is a really nice one. It is very user friendly, it contains games, puzzles,.. It makes learning the French language a funny thing »

« It reminds me back in the years, when I was 11 years old, when I was learning the French language at school, it was a wonderful book »    

« The content is nice, I like CD. It is excellent, it worths the money. I strongly suggest to you to use it to learn the French language, or for your children »

« It is made with a lot of colors. It is made in a way that there is a distraction and at the same time you want to keep continue learning. It is a very nice workbook, it is excellent, amazing ! Learning is fun. There are activities, you are going to learn words, exercices in which you are going to fill in the blank, you are going to look for words, answering to questions,... It has 15 sections. Somes pages are in black and white, you are going to find the answers on these pages. You are going to see as well some elements to help you, and your children, to learn the French language. I like the CD-Rom for the words that we can learn, it is helpful. I am a parent and I have not been speaking the French language for a long time »

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