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How to have a French language immersion to be better at speaking the French language ? Without focusing on the conjugation and grammar rules. Learn to speak in different situations with different resources, to reach your French language goals.

A lot of persons really want to learn and speaks the French language, many people of them understand some French words and sentences, but many of them cannot speak easily and fluently. The French language is a very important language, an official one in 29 countries. But this is not the or a native language for a big part of the population of these countries.   

I introduce you here six ways to help you to become confident and fluent at speaking the French language, to be a very good speaker :

Let us go to see each of them.

To be motivated and inspired

Obviously it is better to have the motivation and to be inspired when you are starting to learn the French language, if you want to speak it fluently and with confidence. It is a medal with two sides. The good side of the medal is that you can move to France or in another French speaking country, you can have a new job, you can improve yourself, you a get a better life, you can evolve in your work, you can pass an exem,... The bad side of the medal is that it will maybe not help you to get the nationality in France or in another French speaking country, it is not prevent you from losing your job, you can fail an exam evene if you speak the French language,...   

Then, there is the second step.

Make your brain working

Not everyone speak the French language, it is hard for the brain to go from the way of thinking of your mother tongue and the way of thinking of yuour target language. It requires a lot of work to go from one way of thinking to the other one, the brain has to be trained. With the thoughts we can train our brain. From now on, try to think in the French language sometimes, do it everyday. You can say some things to yourself, how to say this specific thing,... ? The more you will do it the less you will need to do it, in order to do it effrotlessly. And one time, you will pass from the old world to the new one, you will be able to think in your target language. You will not need to use your brain anymore, or at least not like before. So,  you will start to speak the French language confidently and fluently. 

Let yourself be immerged in  the French language

First, you need to create a French speaking immersion. I suggest you to do it as well with your devices (your computer, your cellphone,...). Reading, listening, writing, speaking the French language. You did not learn the French language from the beginning of your life, so to feel ok with it you need to be immerged in it. The more you are going to be comfortable, the more you will have confidence in using it. I introduce you some ideas to build a French speaking setting. I strongly suggest you to read magazines, the books you want, novles, newspapers,... Listening to French songs, to the radio, to the news at the television. I suggest you as well to watch French speaking movies (French movies), French speaking humorous series, French comedy,... Try as well to practice the writing in the French language, everything you can do like this, do it. What you can do as well is to speak the French language in your bathroom, in front of the mirror. I suggest you to do the most activities you can in the French language. Now, let us see some stuff to have a French language speaking environment : you can communicate the msot as you can in the French language, using the social medias in the French language, read the websites and blogs and the vlogs and videos which are in the French language, listening to the radio online or offline (French songs, French lyrics), recording yourself speaking the French language, listening to it and then correcting it.

Do not think anymore and talk the most as you can

The first step is to think in the French language, but you cannot think everytime. So, when you can think in the French language you need to speak in the French language.

Make mistakes as much as you want and correct them

For sure you will make some mistakes. The more you practice the more you are going to sudcceed to master the French language. Sometimes the people you are talking with will say to you that you did a mistake and they will correct it. Learn from your mistakes. Even if people are laughing at you, it does not matter, if you want to be better at speaking the French language do everything to do it. Continue to practice no matter what people are telling you. Trust you, keep going. And then there will be a moment when you will realize yourself the msitakes you are doing, so you will be able to correct it before saying it. When you are learning a foreign language that is normal to make somes mistakes, some grammar mistakes. So, it is a very good thing to do, to learn the basics French grammar and conjugation rules.


Let us see an example, if you have to give a call to a place to book a room, before doing it I suggest you to try to make the questions and to try to make the answers, to set up the dialogue before calling. A very good idea is to watch some videos which are related to your subjects. Maybe writing the phrases.

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