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These resources are for all levels : for newbies, intermediate or advanced.

French learning resources


There are several stories. It contains podcasts lasting for 15-20 minutes, divided in 4 parts. You will learn about the French culture and France in general. You will be taught French expressions. It is very funny to study with, it is a bit the same than watching a film on Netflix. Some explanations are given in the English language.  

French learning resources


It is a bit the same than the previous one. You will listen to stories, you will have several stories. It lasts for20-25 minutes. You need to have passed the newbie level. The level is intermediate. The context and some others elements are explained in the English language, the informations left are in the French language. They speak at a normal speed, so it is easy to understand. You will not have courses, but you will listen to stories.

French learning resources


It is more real, it is more close to what is the real life compare to the two previous ones. It talks about what happens in the all world and it gives you the French news. On Spotify you will find between 3 and 10 minutes for free for each story, if you want to listen to more of the content you need to subscribe.

French learning resources


You will find different kind of topics. It lasts for 30-35 minutes. Everything is in the French language. Sometimes you will not know a word, it will give you the meaning, it will be a word which is not known by the intermediate level people. One speaks a very well French, very clear, very understandable. And some of them are less good at speaking French, and some of them have another accent, not exactly the same level. So, you feel that you belong to the community of the people who want to learn French. You can listen to different levels, so you need to adapt and it is very good to developp your understanding skills, it motivates a lot.


A couple is talking, the wife is French and the husband is american. For the French woman the English language is her second language and for the American man the French language is his second language. The stories are in both languages French and English. The stories in English talk about the French culture, and the stories in French talk about the Americain culture. They make some jokes, they are funny. In the stories in French the wife speaks faster than her husband, and in the stories in English the man speaks faster than his wife. The woman has not a perfect accent in English and the man has not the perfect accent in French.

THE DAILY : The French rebellion

It is related to the New York Times. When you learn a language you do not just learn some words and sentences, grammar rules and conjugation rules. But, you learn as well something related to people, culture, politics, environment,... It talks about the european union. Everything is in the English language. It talks about the yellow vest movement.  


While using this one you will study by yourself. You will get a strong base in terms of being able to analyze the French language. I like the cultural comaprison part : the practice is you have to comapre the culture between two countries. And more than that you will write letters, emails, messages,... It contains six subjects, there is a list of word for each subjects. You will train your listening skills with audio.

French learning resources


It is a nice resources (an app) to continue to study the French language. It uses the spaced repetition system. You will see a given word pop up on your screen until you will know it for the rest of your life. You will some word to see each day. It asks you to choose between « this word is easy » and « this word is hard », so you will see this word again many times or not many times.

Your brain needs to reviews some things regularly to keep them in mind. This application (Anki) do the work for you, it will show you a word whne you have to see it again to remember it. It is nice if you study the French language at school (you need to do an exam) or if you study the French language for your daily life.

You can use it for others things as well : to rememeber numbers, a phone number,...

French learning resources


The youtube channel of DamonAndJo : They do French videos, they are from the USA so they  have an americain point of view.
The youtube channel of Comme une Française (like a French gril) : she give French courses.
The youtube channel of Cyprien : this is French comedy. He is very famous, he has more than 10 000 000 subscribers.

French learning resources


It is a dictionnary with several languages, so you will have as well English and French. You will get the meanings of the words you want, you will see the word you want in sentences (it is very useful to remember it).


While listening to it you can feel like you are in Paris.

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