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To get more fluency in foreign languages and particularly to get more fluency in speaking the French language, to be among the good speakers and being able to talks with the native french  speakers, talking about a variety of topics. To learn without a teacher.

Here I talk about the Pimsleur method.

It contains a group of audio recordings, these audio recordings are conversations. The structure is : someone is talking in French, and then you repaeat what this person said, and then another person answer to you, and then you are going to repeat what they said. You will learn new words. The technique used to learn new words and to be sure that these new words stay in your mind is the spaced repetition system, it means that you are going to see one given word several times until you get it, as you go along the space between the repetitions are more important, I mean the word will be less present.

You want to be good at speaking a foreign language ? The Pimsleur method is only concentrate on being good at speaking. 30 days after the beginning you will see that you will be able to say and to understand some phrases and conversations. So you can listen to the audios whenvever you want, while your are driving, while you are running, walking, going to work, on your way a friend’s place,... If you cannot have access to the internet you can use the offline mode, everywhere you are you can study, so you can study at any time. It is not a mandatory to be active with the app, you « let the app alone » and keep your jands on the wheel and continue to drive.

In the app you will find

  • Courses to be able to speak fluently.
  • The courses last for 30 minutes.
  • Courses to learn to read.
  • A challenge to speak French easily : you will do role-play in talks.
  • Digital flashcards to learn new words.
  • A part to make a revision of specific topics. ...

If you want to know the features which are used for your target language, have a look on the website.

Here are the reviews :

« A lot of people noticed that they became comfortable at speaking a foreign language  with this application, they tried to learn a foreign language before but without success ».
« I had success using this app…The conjugation, grammars and phrases structures stay in your brain for a long time ».
« It gives the main points of a foreign language, in order to the newbies can get the basics of the language ».
« It is perfect to learn your target language while you are driving, or while you are doing something else, or while you are cooking for your breakfast or your lunch or your dinner. You do not just listening passively. It is a structured program so you are going to say several times some sentences and questions and answers. Teacher gives you the right sentences, questions and answers, and then you have a time to repeat eveything to be sure you got everything. You are require to watch the screen, so you can still continue to do what you are doing, for example you can still continue driving. You will not have reading exercises. I am very happy to learn French with this app. I want that the persons who have created this app keep going on doing nice language training ».
« This app is a nice thing to begin to speak a foreign language. I studied the French language in high school, and then I was never be able to read it, to write it and to speak it. I studied the French language with Duolingo first, with Duolingo I just did writting. Bu the Pimsleur app it helps to learn the conjuagtion rules, the grammar rules, new words, the oral, and I get more confidence in speaking the French language as well, I am not afraid of doing mistakes anymore when I was speaking to someone. I did all the courses of the first level and I fell that I am more confident while I am speaking to people. It helps a lot with correcting the oral mistakes. I improve as well my listening skills, so now I am able to understand more what I have been said ».
« It is a great app. It makes my learning journey an easy and nice time. You are taught speaking and listening, but you are not taught reading and writing. The language which is taught is very formal ».
« This app is really nice ! I have not been at speaking so far, I improve my skills with this applicatio. Yo get the basics of the French language and you do not need to get courses before. I recommend Pimsleur to start a foreign language ». « This application is really efficient to get better at speaking the French language, it is a good qualitaty. I recommend very, very strongly to those who have the budget, but this is not nice that it is only for them ».
« It is a very good application, the audio recordings are really well thought. It is very nice to improve your oral. You have to pay to use it and the price is very expensive. I would prefer a monthly formula ».

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