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Talk French 1 (Book/CDs Pack): The ideal French course for absolute newbies

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Many pople already used this book (Talk French 1-Book and CDs) to learn the French language from the beginning, and they get the confidence to sue this language in their everydey life. What are you going to find in this pack ? In this pack you are going to find a 144 pages book and 2 audio files, each of them last for 60 minutes. You can learn the French language for business, for travelling, ot just for your own pleasure. With this method you are going to do it step by step. You are going to be able to speak the French lanugage in several situations in your erveyday life. You are going to learn specific ways to be better at using the French language.

Here is a part of the content :

A guide fot the pronunciation
1 – Bonjour, ça va (Hi, how are you ?)
2 – Vous êtes d’où ? (Where are you from ?)
3 – Voici Emilie (Here is Emilie)
4 – Un thé, s’il vous plaît (A tea please)
5 – Où est la poste ? (Where is the post office ?)
6 – Il y a une piscine ici ? (Is there a swimming pool here ?)
7 – Je voudrais une chambre (I would like a room)
8 – A quelle heure vous ouvrez ? (At what time do you open ?)
9 – Je voudrais du fromage, s’il vous plaît (I would like some cheese, please)
10 – Bon appétit (enjoy your meal)

Here are some reviews :

« It is hard to learn a foreign language. I have learnt a little bit of the French language back in the years at school. Whit this method I discovered it could be easy to use a new approach, this method is easy to use. You can listen to the audio as much as you want, so you can practice the oral understanding a lot. It makes me want to keep going on learning the French language »

« This course is easy to go through »

« I am a newbie, I am learning the French language since a few times. This type of course is very efficient for me »

« iIt is nice to begin to learn the French language with this book. I watch as well some youutbe channels to go deeper into the language. At some point I need a professor to answer to my questions »


Pronounce it Perfectly in French: With Audio

Click on the picture if you want to see it on Amazon
Don’t forget to read the comments

In your French language learning journey, the accent is really important, to say the words and the sentences in the right way, so all the native French people are able to understand you. This book, this approach is focused on speaking, on how to seperate the sounds of the French language, on how do the vowels sound, how do the French nasals sound, this is a big point for the English speakers.   

What you are going to find in this book is :

  • A guide to have a better accent when you are speaking the French language, to do that you are going to use the symbols of the International Phonetic Association (IPA)
  • Somes activities to help you to get a better accent with poetry, French idioms,..

Here is a part of the content :

  • The first part : the vowels A-E-I-O-U-Y. The vowels with the accent, the single and double and triple vowels that we used the most, the nasals vowels.
  • The second part : The consonnants.
  • The third part : the accent. The fourth part : sentences in context, common French sentences, French idioms, French literature, jokes, some tips to remember well : the sounds, accent.

Here are some reviews :

« It is very nice to learn the French language. The accent is very very important when you are learning a foreign language. It is very easy to go through it, I enjoy using it. The sound is clear so it is a pleasure to listen to the courses »

« The most of the method to study the oral, to practice it, the sound of the recording is not good. It is a nice one to work on the accent. I strongly recommend you to use it »

« This is the best book and audio I have studied the French language with, I have ever bought. It is very easy to go through it. You are going to have enough time to say what you listen to again and again, and to understand everything. I am beginning my French language learning journey and this book and this audio are really helpful. The sound is very clear, very understandable. I strongly suggest you to use it »

« This book and audio are very handy. This is the first time I see an approach like that one. I got more oral skills while using it. It provides a lot of elements to learn the French language and to be able to speak it with a good accent. I go back to it oftenly, I like it » « This book helps me to improve the French language, I hav a better accent now. It is excellent »

« Everything is ok. I strongly suggest you to us it »

« I read this book many many times. It is easy to go through ansd easy to understand »

« It is a brilliant one, easy to follow. After using it you will be able to pronunce well the sounds of the French language. You are going to learn the rules and their exceptions. I strongly suggest it to anyone »  


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