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Here I give you some tips for the American or English or ... students they go to study in Paris (in France). They are going to spend one year or more abroad.

If you are under 26 years old you can get the student card

The first one is, if you are under 26 years old and if you are a citizen of the European Union, you are going to be the owner of a French student card. This card give you access for free to a lot of museum, to get lower prices to go to the cinema. It does not work everytime but most of the time it works.    

How is the nightlife in Paris ?

The second one is the nightlife in Paris. There are a lot of parties organized by students organization for students. Sometimes it is for all the student and sometimes it is just for some students from specific school (business school, law school, medecine, school,...). It is a really nice waty to meet people.

A specific website

The third one is the sonnight website. It is a website that provides you a lot of informations (the opening hours,...) about a lot of event which are happening in Paris (parties, clubs,...), free events (if you do not want to spend money) and not free events.

You can get une chambre pas chère (a cheap room)

The fourth one is une chambre pas chère (a cheap room). Paris is a very expensive place and it is not so easy to find a place to stay during the time of your studies. You are going to find that type of places at the top of the buildings, usually there is no lift and everyhting is made of wood. It could be charming sometimes. As you can imagine it is not always very comfortable, you can have the toilets and the barthroom in the corridor, maybe you can have no shower, and you can share all of that with a lot of people.

A famous student organization 

The fifth one is the student organization Crous. Crous is an organization that hosts the students. It contains rooms, common kitchens, one kitchen per floor, one or two bathrooms per floor. They also have places to eat like a cantine and a cafe. As it is for students, the prices are very low. It exists in almsot all the universities in Paris, you do not have to stay at your university, you can go in the university you want. They do not ask for the student card, so if you do not have it with you, if you forgot it at a friends’s place or at your palce, it is ok, you can still order some food.    

A community to know

The sixth one is the Fusac community. The people who handle this are American or English speakers. It is a website where you can find job offers  like babysitting, teaching English,... a lot of jobs that do not require to get a visa or a specific official card.

The last one

The seventh one is the american church of Paris. You are going to see outside of the church a board with job offers and others things to help you in your life in Paris.  

Sport words in French

Le football – le foot → football
Le basket-ball – le basket → basketball
Le volley-ball – le volley → volleyball
Le rugby → rugby
Le baseball → baseball
Le golf → golf
Le tennis → tennis
Le ping pong – le tennis de table → table tennis
Le badminton → badminton
Le hockey → hockey
Le hockey sur glace → ice hockey

Words you need when you go to eat at the restaurant

Commander à manger → to order food
Que prenez-vous ? → What are you having ?
Je vous écoute → What would you like ? (I am listening to you)
Que voudriez-vous ? Que désirez-vous ? → What would you like ?
Qu’est-ce que je vous sers ? → What can I get you ?
Je voudrais... J’aimerais ... → I would like
Combien coûte... ? → How much does...cost ?
Je vais prendre... Je prends... → I will have ...
C’est terminé ? → Have you finished ?
ça a été → Was everything ok ?
Végétarien → vegetarian
Je ne peux pas manger... → I cannot eat...
Bien cuit → well done
Le serveur → waiter
La serveuse → waitress
La carte → menu
A la carte → side order
L’addition → check/bill
Le pourboire → tip
Service compris → tip included
Service non compris → tip not included
A la vôtre → cheers
Bon appétit → Enjoy your meal
Défense de fumer → No smoking
Les animaux sont interdits → No pets allowed

Words you need to know to take the public transports

Un billet → a ticket
Un carnet → a book of ticket
Un bureau de renseignements → Information office
Le départ → departure
L’horaire → timetable
Le guichet → the booking office
La deuxième classe → Second class
Une place → a seat
Un quai → a platform
Le voyage → journey
Descendre → to get off
La ligne → line
Le conducteur → bus driver
Un voyageur → traveller
Les bagages → luggage
Une batterie → a battery
Une ceinture de sécurité → a seat-belt
Un moteur → an engine
L’essence → petrol/gas
Un bidon d’huile → a can of oil
L’eau → water
Les freins → brakes
Les essuie-glaces → windscreen wipers
Le klaxon → horn
Les phares → headlights
Un pneu → tire
Une roue de secours → Spare wheel
Le volant → Steering wheel
Le rétroviseur → Rear-view mirror
Le radiateur → radiator
Une portière → a car door
L’aéroport → airport
Une porte → a gate
La salle d’embarquement → the boarding lounge
Décoller → to take off
Atterir → to land
Un billet d’avion → a plane ticket
Un pilote → a pilot
Le commandant de bord → captain
Une hôtesse de l’air → air hostess  
Un vol → a flight
La compagnie aérienne → airline

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