The best 2 apps to learn French for beginners and kids

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Duolingo Kids

Here some reviews :

« I am telling to the people who created this application that the animations are really nice. I as well say to all the team that this application is really amazing. You created something amazing with coding. One day may be I will work with you. Well done guys »

« My son use it during his free time and now he is able to use French words and sentences in his daily life. He likes a lot succeed and going through the steps and gettig crowns. Thanks a lot Duolingo ! »  

« All of my children like it a lot, They have a lot of pleasure while playing with it and telling the words. They want to study in French know »

Early Lingo French Language Learning for Kids

In this application you will find lists of words, guidance, videos, numeric worksheet and you will find as well games and activities to enjoy. It will help your child to begin to learn the French language.

It contains a list of words of more than 450 words and sentences. Some native French speakers say sentences so you can practice the oral understanding. You will be guided all along your French learning journey, through several steps, and sometimes you will have to practice with exercises to see if you remember what you have just learnt.

The graphics and the animations are really nice. The children will love them. A few seconds after beginning to use it, you can choose between several exercises. You will have to follow the scenario. You will see some videos and workbook and exercises which are interactive. You will play games. You will see some videos series. You will practice the words you have just learnt with new exercises, or you can as well write them down on a sheet of paper.    

You will need a bit of time to use the main menu screen easily. It is not really obvious to use it, it is not very intuitive.

This application is excellent. There are two characters who lead you through you French language learning journey : the monkey Jojo  and the bird Lulu. They make it easy to go through it. There are six stories, some of them take place in a park, some of them take place in a city, some of them take place somewhere else. You are going to go through them, virtually, with these two characters, in French. The approach is that you need to listen a lot, and the more you listen the more you will get the French language. So, you listen to the story, you are asked to get the main elements and structures of the French language that you are taught. And then you use them in the different scenarios. The idea of this application is to make the person who is learning, to get the French language as if he would have learnt it from the beginning of his life, as if it would be his mother tongue. There are no explanations related to the French grammar rules and the structures of the sentences. You are progressing at your own pace.

The point is that how to teach and how to learn the French language ? To set up the base to make the people getting the French language as natural as it is possible. To set up a learning way to make them speaking spontaneously. It is not an academic teaching. This application is a nice way to motivate the young people to learn and improve the French language.

If you want to use the whole application, the price is £40. It is not possible really to see the progress you are doing, the person who is using it learn what he wants from the application. The people who are learning with this application are doing it in a specific way. They can memorize the informations in an easy way and for all their lives, the words and the sentences structure.

I strongly suggest you to use this application if you are a parent and you want to accompany your children in their French learning journey. It is an application which user friendly.

It contains videos, workbooks, flashcards (flashcards), games and lessons.

The children users, after finishing exercises, videos and games (park, city,...) are able to go further into deeper adventures.

Every lessons is build up from the last one and go deeper from the previous exercises. It is for children they are between 3 years old and 9 years old.

With these two characters Jojo and Lulu your kid will learn the French language interactively, in a dynamic way, it is a funny way to do it.

Your kid will be immerged into the French language, this is the approach it uses.

In this application there are more 450 words and sentences, coures that use an approach to immerged the kid into the French language, it is user friendly, with games, videos with a good definition. Your child can study the follpwing languages : Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German and English.

You will find a variety of topics : counting, opposites, alphabet, park, farm, beach, market, numbers, school, colors, shapes, city and more ... !

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