How to learn a French text quickly ?

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How to learn a language text ?

What you can do first is to read the text you want to read and to copy it.Then, once you did the first part : read the text and copy it, I suggest you to write it again but not from the piece of paper. It is ok if you still use the paper on which the text is written, when you need help, and what you are going to do is to underline the words that you forgot, so you will be abe to see the words which are hard to remember. Then, the thing you are going to do afterward is to study and learn the words that are underlined. I suggest you to write down the words that are underlined, several times (maybe three tiems), on another piece of paper and then you are going to write the translation of these words (one time) under or beside those words. I suggest you as well to say the words and sentences out loud to be sure that you can make links between all the sentences easily. It is crucial that you do it several times, to write the entire text almost or (not almost) without looking some times at it until you feel comfortable. I suggest you as well to say out oud the whole text. You can record yourself and listen back to it to see if everything is ok.

How to memorize some lines in a text ?

How can you memorize the lines of a text, the lines of a poetic text really fast ? It is really simple. If you practice it as it is said in the first part of this page, you are going to be able to memorize lines very quickly. But maybe if you know a specific technique it would be more efficient, while doing this you are going to be able to memorize for a long period of time. But if you need to remember a text very quickly, for example for an exam, it is a very efficient technique.

1 – Read some lines of a text a few times to understand the general idea.
Use the written word, us a pen and a paper, to remember better, especially if you have a visual memory.
2 – I suggest you to write down the first letter of every word. Write them with a capital letter if they have one. 
3 – Then, you are going to read that, read these first letters.
Now, while watching them you can remember of what you have read just before (the text) and you can make the link and give a sense. If it is not the case you can read a little bit the text again, but you should be able to do it easily.
4 – When the third step id done, you can read the text in your head, which is a very nice exercise to see if you get it well.

How to memorize a speech or a text ?

With this method you take one picture that you link with another picture. So you take a French word and the same word in the English version. Imagine these two pictures linking together. Take these two pictures and smash them together. For example, let us take the word « butterfly », this word is never the same if we compare every language, almost all of them. I suggest you to take different examples, turn them into pictures and link them with each other, do it with the French language and others languages you want to learn. Let us take the word « Butterfly » in English. It means « Papillon » in French , it sounsd like « puppy on » or something like that. You can use the expressions « puppy on » to put in your brain the word « papillon ». So  I suggest you to imagine (the picture in my mind) that the puppy is on top of a butterfly. To be sure that you remember that it is a word that belongs to the French language, you should put an element of the French  culture, for example a load of bread or a beret.

How to remember words from a foreign language ?

You can read a text, going throuhg it, try to understand what you can, the general idea, I f you cannot memorize it now that is ok. Then you are going to use the memory palace.

There 2 approaches :
1 – To memorize every word, and to do so you put them all in the palace
2 – To memorize the ideas of the text in the palace

With the first one  you are going to get everything because you put everything in the palace, and the second one is more focused on the idea, you use the repetition.

If you want to get something in an esay way it is nice to do it like this, because you have the idea in your mind. You use your palace as a guide to help to memorize.

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