Best French TV shows to learn French on Netflix

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The English title is « Spiral ». There are six different people (six actors) that are in the French judicial system in Paris. It is a crime show (a drama serie), so there are assassinations and problems that they want to solve. But there is also a lot of extortion you are going to see all along the show. So, there are these six people who are in the French judicial system in Paris but there are also in a few personal problems, and even crime. It does not every time focus on the extortion and the work to resolve these crimes, but more of the French judicial system in Paris. It is a very nice show, it is very appealing but sometimes it is a little slow. There is a lot of seasons : seven seasons.

Les témoins  

The English title is « Witnesses ». It is composed of two seasons. It is a police/crime (drama) show. It takes place in the north of France and the story is that some graves has been dug up and the guy who is responsibel for that has set up something like a game for the person who is in charge of the investigation. The crimes are not normal crimes. There are two detectives (two actors) (one is retired, he  was recently came back in the group, and a new detective) who work together to clarify those crimes.

Les revenants

The English title is « The Returned ». It is a crime and mystery show, it takes place in a small town in France. The main element of this story is that different people they come back to life after dying. It explains how it is possible. It follows the people, how they handle everything in their new lives. It takes place in places close to the woods, it is very cloudy. It is composed of two seasons.

Dix pour cent  

It means « ten percent ». The English title is « Call my agent ». This show is amusing. It is composed of three seasons. You are going to see the lives, the work of people who are agents for the movies stars. Their job is to keep the stars happy and making them felling good. It is really funny,...

The Simpsons (animation comedy)

The Simpsons (SMP) are an American animated television series created by Matt Groening and broadcast since December 17, 1989 on the Fox network. It features the SMP, a stereotype of a middle-class American family. Their adventures serve as a satire of the American way of life. The members are Homer, Marge, Bart (BRT), Lisa Maggie and Abe.

Here is a summary of the episodes when BRT learns the French language.

L’espion qui venait de chez moi (the spy who came from my house) and Bart au grand cru

Homer walks on BRT's skateboard and finds himself immobilized until Marge arrives. While BRT tidies up his room under Marge's orders, he finds an explosive cherry and decides to blow it up in the school toilet, but the day he decides to carry out his plan is the day when Agnes, the mother of Principal Skinner, visits the school, nicknamed him "chick" in front of his student. BRT executes his plan at the same time that Agnes is in the girls' bathroom. The resulting explosion squirts water from every toilet, including the one it is in, and enrages Skinner to the utmost. The principal therefore suggests that the SMP “exile” him by having him participate in a student exchange program. BRT is then sent to France while the SMP welcome an Albanian pupil.

In France, BRT is greeted by two unscrupulous winemakers, César and Ugolin, who treat him like a slave. BRT therefore has to pick up and crush grapes, sleep on the floor and test wine contaminated with antifreeze. Meanwhile in Springfield, Adil turns out to be a kind and helpful boy and Homer immediately loves him, unaware that he is a spy sent by his government to obtain secrets from the nuclear power plant. Homer therefore gives him a visit without worrying about the many photographs Adil takes.

Subsequently, BRT succeeds in escaping and running away from his abusive executioners and informs the authorities of the misdeeds of Caesar and Ugolino. The winegrowers are therefore arrested and BRT is considered a hero, which ends his trip to France well. Adil is captured by FBI agents and then traded for a US agent held in Albania.

And BRT brings back memories of France for his family.

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