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How to learn the French language in about six months ?

A lot of people have difficulties to learn the French language, and a lot of people as well reach their goal, they are able to speak and understand the French language.

How French learners can learn the language very quickly ?

Today I am going to show you how to learn the French language in six months.
Do you want to learn the French language on your own ?

How long does it take to learn French ?

If you want to learn the French language in 6 months is very short, so you are going to need to work a lot. I suggest you to study at least two hours a day. Two hours does not mean just studying, you can listen to podcast or music while you are driving or just reading magazines or books you enjoy to read. If you have more time during the week-ends you can spend more time to study. I suggest you to you choose the best moment of the day for you to learn the French language because otherwise you are going to be not very concentrate.


I am going to talk about concentration. When you are studying or working sometimes some things are disturbing you, it could be the social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,... the notifications or any sort of social media, also checking your emails. It kind of stops you in your progression. If you want to be able to talk fluently the French language, and you have just six months to do it, you need to choose some specific elements of the language you really want to know and you need to be focused on that. So I suggest you that during your study time that you  stop using your mobile phone and that you focuse on what you are doing.

1 – What goals do you want to achieve ?

The first element I am going to talk about is : What do you really want to speak the French language ? Do not think just « In six months I will speak the French language fluently ». You should be clear in your mind with what you want to do.


I am also going to talk about the method. We do not all have the same method to learna new language. If from the beginnig you use a method which is not suitable for you, it is better to change it, you are going to have a better learning if you feel comfortable with the way you are doing it, obviously.


If you like to read, if you prefer to read, I suggest you to get some magazines and books,.... To get a  grammar book is a nice choice. It can be helpful for getting the basics of the French language. To study the French grammar rules helps but it is not everything, but it is necessary to know the basics. I suggest you to not study the advanced part of your French grammar book. And you can as well study to get the basics of French conjugation.


Some people prefers to listen (they have an auditory memory) to get new informations, it is a more efficient way for them. You can use your earphones or a headset and learning the French language in a passive way, so you can use podcasts or flashcards (a flascards device) so you can read and listen at the same time. You can also listen to stories.

Visual learner

If you prefer learning visually one of the easiest way is watching videos (Youtube, Netflix,...). But before watching videos, I suggest you to study the language with textbooks to get the basics. Studying all the French rules (grammar, conjugation) it is not so easy. And then listening to a dialogue, a conversation make things more real and helps to print the informations in your brain.

2 – To go deeper

The second element. At the step two, many people are going to give up their learning. Maybe it is because they realize that learning the French language takes a lot of time. You need to study a lot if you want to succeed. Maybe some people give up because they did not find a method that is suitable for them. So it is very important that you pay attention to the way you need to learn to learn well : reading-videos (visual), songs-podcasts (listening). And sometimes you are focused on the French grammar and conjugation rules and so you forget to learn vocabulary, you have just learn it a little bit and you forget to go deeper, to learn more. The more vocabulary you know the better it is to talk with native speakers.

So, here is the question : What is the best way to learn the French vocabulary ?
Flashcards are the best way to learn more words.


Anki is a flashcard app that you can download.

3 - The Technique

During the two previous steps you do not speak. From the beginning I suggest you to focus on reading and listening : you need to listen a lot before being able to speak easily, you need to integrate the information before being able to say it. At the step 3 you are going to speak.

It does not take so much time to practice speaking. This is the step that will take you the less hours of study.

  • 1 month to try the best method for you
  • 4 months to learn the French language : grammar rules, conjugation rules, vocabulary
  • 1 month to make the best that you can do

So, 6 months.

A  technique to improve your speaking skills

If you are not comfortable with speaking the French language, if you are afraid that people are not going to understand what you are saying, you can use this approach : it consists in repeating, without thinking, a text you have just listened to. Do not take a text which is too complicated for you, choose a text that is suitable for your level of French language, otherwise your progression is not going to be as fast as you want. You are going to be maybe frustrated. Repeating without thinking is a very good experience to improve your self-confidence. Then, after that, the next thing to do is to begin to speak with native French speakers.   

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