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With this application it is easy to learn the French verbs conjugation.

  • 600 verbs that we can use in your everyday life and their endings
  • Study in a personnalized way, you are going to learn the tenses
  • It contains a dictionary in the French language and in the English language
  • You are going to study pronunciation
  • You are going to be tested on your knowledge of the verbs of the French language
  • The present tense (le présent de l’indicatif)
  • The past tense (le passé composé)
  • The future (le futur)
  • The conditionnal (le conditionnel présent)
  • The subjunctive (le subjonctif présent)
  • The imperfect (l’imparfait)
  • The plu-perfect (le plus-que-parfait)
  • The anterior future (le futur antérieur)
  • Passé simple
  • Passé antérieur
  • Subjonctif passé composé
  • Subjonctif imparfait
  • Subjonctif plus-que-parfait
  • Conditionnel passé

-The irregualr verbs -re

Here are some reviews :

« It is a Great app ! This is amazing ! Learning the French conjugation is really hard, thay is the reason why some person stop their learning journey. It is user friendly, this is easy to use. You can choose the tenses you want to study, this is the same for the French words. You can use the copy and paste option, to have goals and checking your progress. I love this application a lot »

« I bought this app a few years ago because I wanted to improve my level in the French language, and now I use it again to  improve my French. It is cheap and it worth it to pay for that. It is helpful if you need to get the basics of the French language. I like very much the fact that you can choose the verb you want to study, some specific tense. You can copy and paste so you do not need to write the same verb everytime. There is a lot of tenses, they come with explanations. You are going to find the translation as well. The verbs table. I want to continue to use this app for a lot of years ! I suggest you strongly to use it »

« I love this application a lot ! I have a A level in the French language. It worth to buy it. Learning the verbs is very easy. It is a very nice tool, I love it. I study the French language at the university and beside hat I continue to use this application to improve. I suggest you strongly to use it »

You do not need anymore to make a lot of effort to be able to use the French verbs.

  • You are going to learn the most used French verbs
  • You can easily and fastly find the French verbs you want to learn
  • You are going to be focused on what you want to learn
  • There is planning to guide you
  • You can as well scheduel your reviex times
  • You are going to practice with funny exercises

If you upgrade :

  • You are going to study more than 100 French verbs
  • You are going to get more courses

You can use it for free. You are going to study 300 French verbs, the most used ones,  in all the lost used tenses.

It could be painful and very hard for the English speakers to learn the French verbs.

In the free version you are going to find :

  • 300 French verbs with the important tenses to speak with the others in your everyday life
  • Exercises to test your knowledge, are you sure you know well the French verbs ? An dto know how your learning journey is progressing.

The method is to encourage the fact to be able to recall the informations rapidly and to get more listening skills. Beceuase you need to be able to do that if you want to have nice conversations with French native people. Once you feel more comfortable, while using this application you are going to get more knowledge of the different French rules.

Students: learning French ppt power point for vocabulary, conjugation

Beginner, students : lingling learn French for vocabulary

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