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How can you study in an efficient way?  Do you want to know a lot of words?

There are flashcards (pictures-sounds-texts on cards), they help to remember the new words when you are learning the French learning. Reading meanings sometimes is not enough for our brain, it is not so exciting, different modes are necessary: slides with Power Point, memorizing games, quizzes,…     

It contains more than 5000 flashcards pon which you are going to read the most useful French words, these words are divided in 9 categories which are: descritpion, food and meals, calendar, nature, hobbies, human being, objects, travelling, society.  

It is tracking your progress with the Leitner system, it shows the statistics for cards and games. You have access to a lot of flip cards kwhich are related to different subjects. You can customize your flip cards, you can change the font, the background and the languages.

You can use the text or you can use the speech, if you use the speech you will not be necessary to look at the screen. You can download a lot of flip cards to your devices so you can learn with them offline. You can as well change the text, the color, the background (the colors of the pictures).

Here are some reviews:

‘It was really nice because it contains a lot of new words with a lot of repetition. It is very user-friendly. It would be nice to get more masculine and feminine articles for nouns’

‘It is really easy to use, and it meets my needs. Thank you very much for creating it’

The application Voclab is going to help you to learn more than 5000 French words fastly.

The algorithm will tell you when it is the right moment to review some specific words, in order to remember them effectively for a long term, to put them in your long term memory. So, you are going to make stronger your language learning impact.

In this application it is more and more difficult to learn, theses new words are going to be more difficult as you study along. It is like this to be sure that your foundation is solid, before you learn some more complicated things.

So, you are going to get fastly a good comprehension of the French language.

The advantages are:

More than  5000 French words said by native French speakers. The most used French words.

There is an algorithm to help you to put in your long terme memory the words you have diificulties to learn. You are going to do some quizze to test your knowledge. You can check the statistics to know how you are progressing.

You can choose a specific category (50 categories of French words) to study and a level of difficulties (four levels of difficulties). If you need to know some specific words for an exam for example.

Here are some of the categories you are going to study with this application: from the colors, the days of the week,… to economy, sciences,…

The algorithm is set up in a way that you are going to always learn some French words related to your level.

Here is a review:

‘This is perfect, this is what I need to be better at speaking the French language’

It is a very simple application, it is very nice to learn some new French words:

To memorize new informations  the flash cards are a very nice and efficient tool. It contains a bunch of flash cards in order to you learn new French words. You are going to use them in the same way as if you would use the paper or cardboard ones.

On one side of the card there is thhe word in the English version and on the other side there is the word in the French version. You can hear the words so you can practice the oral understanding and the accent.

You can do the quizzes to check your knowledge. You can as well select the numbers of cards you want, the categories and the order of presentation.

Another thing which is very nice are the word games, to learn and remember some new French words. These are games build up to get a better memory.

One game calls ‘Concentration’: some cards we cannnot see them (one face is hidden) and we can see what there is on the others two more cards. The idea of the game is to get the same two cards. When you have got the two sames cards: an English version word with his French version word, at this point we cannot use these two cards anymore. You are ending the game when you have got the last pair of cards. The less time you need to do this the higher your score will be.

The other game is called Mix and Match: corresponding the English words to the French words. You can move the words on the screen, you have to match the words, you finish the game when all the words are matched. The less time you need to do this the higher your score will be.

It contains more than 850 words that you can use in your everyday life. You can organize the words in different categories, to have more pleasure to study and to make the learning journey more efficient. You can as well add the words you want. It contains as well an English-French/French-English dictionary.

With this application you are going to classify the words. You are going to be helped by images. To practice listening, reading, speaking and writing. You can choose the rythm of the speed. There is a feed back for the oral, so you can adjust the acccent.

Here are some categories of words you are going to find if you use this application : fruit, food, animal, body, shape, vegetable, clothes, supplies, vehicle, weather, flower, emotion,…

Here are some reviews:

‘It is a great application to learn the French language. I liked to learn with the flip cards, the words for the vegetables. It is very handy to learn the French language when I am in the bus’

‘It is very nice to learn th French language fastly. It helps a lot  to remember the French words. I like to use it’

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