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The French language can be a language that you can speak as your mother tongue. You can speak it as fast and as comfortably as the English language.

How long have you wanted to master the French language ? What pros that mastering the French language can bring you for your professional carreer? Do you want to be good and feeling ok when you are ordering some food somewhere ? Do you want to be able to speak with people when you are traverlling to France or in another French speaking country ?

This program use several medias (audio, video, text).

With this book you are going to :

  • Get a new skill which makes you more competitive in your colmpany
  • Succeed better exams and diploma at school or at the university
  • Get more enjoyment during your trips
  • Get more results with less efforts and with less time

Here are reviews :

« This is a very nice program. No matter your level or your age your will improve your skills in your target language with using it ».
« For me, it is a different method compare to what I experienced before, there are a lot of characteristics, I suggest to anyone to study French with this method ».
« It is not the same as the method everyone knows. It is a very good one if you want to learn the French language by yourself ».
« It gives a lot of techniques which are very interesting and enjoybale to practice. So you can have a good time while studing the French language ». « It is an efficient and amusing method to use. I suggest you to try it ».
« I have a preference for this method, it is a nice one for my learning journey. Learning is not an effort, it is easier, it is efficient and you do it quickly ».
« I had many success to use it, my skills at using the French language got better. Everyone likes it. It keeps the motivation up and it provides a lot of subjects to study and getting a better knowledge of the French language ».
« I succeeded amazingly. A lot of people were astonished by my progression, my learning was progressing constantly ».
« My children use this program and their progression is unbelievable, that is amazing ». « Using this program makes a big difference for my children at school compare to the others pupils ».
« I studied the French language with this method and then I went to live in France and it makes a big difference compare to my first time in paris ».
« My pupils likes this method very much, so they ask to study more » !

They have different offers :


The first one is called « the name game » : it contains 25 pages to learn the main characteristics of the English language and your target language, to understand the differences and the similarities between these two languages (grammar, conjugation, the structure of the phrases,...). It is easy to learn new words with it.  


The second one is called « the radio drama » : it contains 12 hours on a disk, with three version for one story. If it is more suitable for you can have the recordings on your cellphone or on your audio player. You will not study with boring courses but with 12 stories to keep up your motivation and staying involved in your learning journey. The stories talk about some situations that you can experience in your daily life : at work, during a business trip,... It contains true conversations and usual phrases that you use in your daily life. The new words to get are obvioulsy important but aslo the phrases, the structure of the sentences (grammar),... Each story is provided with 2 others versions, it means that there are three different versions, so you can repeat a lot and put the informations in your long-term memory.   

  • The first version is the « normal one », you can easily listen to it almost everywhere.
  • The second version contains several voices and different sounds effect. It makes your imagination working more, so the new information will print in your mind efficiently.
  • In the third version the text is said with a music in the background. So you ar going to work unconsciously.


The third one is called the « text book », it contains some texts. The phrases are made with seven words usually, so you can remember them easily. The English version in on the left side, so you read it first and so it requires less effort then you read the French version on the right side. You take the grammar rules without thinking.

There are 3 others offers...

Teacher, students : schedule to learn french reading intensively in 4 weeks
for lessons

Students, teacher : learning French books for children for vocabulary

Learners : best podcast to learn French for topics, lessons

Learners : French learning whatsapp group for pronunciation, topics

Learn the French alphabet for vocabulary, pronunciation 

Have a look at the others articles (for children and adults) for more resources, resources to learn French. To get more instruction and principles of learning to remove your problems. To prepare your immersion in a French speaking country or your immersion in France. To improve your pronunciation with a song or improve your pronunciation with movies. Getting instruction and principles to resolve your problems and having a better memory. Being able to talk about different subjects in different situations (for children and adults).

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