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Listening to the French radio is a very nice way to be better at using the French language. You can listen to it almost whenever you want : when you are running, when you are driving, when you are cooking,… In general it is a good French, I mean the people speaks in a proper way. When they speak their pace is th same as what they do in the real life. This is quite the same pace but hey need to speak properly in order to be sure to be understood to everybody, so this is good for you because you are going to listen to a nice French well articulated. The content is very nice and this is a good quality one : you are going to listen to conversations, you are going to listen to nice music, you are going to listen to some interviews of famous people,… not all the radio station have the same kind of content.  

France Inter Paris : FIP

It is a small one, it belongs to the biggest Radio France, which is the public group of French radio. You are going to enjoy the music, it is a good one, good choices, not the usuall music which you will find in the mainstream medias, you are going to know a lot of lyrics in a short amount of time. They have as well some culture talks in the French language.

Radio Nova

They have nice podcasts on youtube.

Radio France Internationale : RFI

This a French radio station but related to the internationale. You can listen to this radio station anywhere in the world, not just on the internet. Obviously you can listen to the French language but you can as well listent to more than 10 others languages. It is a very nice resources to listen to the French language again. You can listen to free podcasts which are really nice. And courses to improve your French.

France Inter

It is the most famous radio station in France. You are going to listen to talks about music, the French culture, somes games, environment, jolkes and politics,…

France Culture

This is a very nice one as well.

Rire et Chansons

This a private radio station, if you like to laugh, if you like to listen to comedies, thid is the most famous one in France. To get some new jokes,… from back in the years ones to more recent ones. You are going to listen to some famous comedians like Coluche. But also some nice publicities and lyrics. This is a nice to get into the French culture.


It is a radio station just for music. You are going to listen to French song from the seventies to the eighties. It is very nice to discover and learn some French lyrics. All the French people have listen to this radio at least once in their life.

Chante France

To listen to classic French music.

Tv5 application

Why this application was created ?  Where can I find this application ? Who can use it ? How this application works ?

You can find it wherever you want, it is free. You are going to practice with 3000 exercises, 4 different levels, for all the levels. It covers more than 30 variety of topics with more than 800 videos.  

Why this application was created ?  

It exists since 15 years, teaching the French language as a second language, with videos on youtube and from the website. They are teaching how to get better at oral understanding, some French grammar rules, some French words, French culture, medias,… Nowadays a lot of people use their cellphone for everything, and so for learning a foreign language. So they created an application with exercises to learn the French language : Apprendre le français.

Where can I find this application ?

To get it you need to download it, on Google Play for Android or on Apple Store for Apple

How this application works ?

When you log into the application for the first time you are asked to choose the languages you want to learn, you can choose one language out of 8 languages. To choose it you need to click on it. Then, you choose the level you want (A1 – A2 – B1 – B2), you will be sent some specific exercises related to your level. To change the level you choose the first time you use the application, you need to go back to the welcome page, so it is very easy to do it.

Here are some reviews :

 « This application is very nice to learn the French languageand to get informations about it.  I am so happy to use it »

« It helps a lot to be able to speak the French language. It would be better if there was a something like an exam to know which level is the best »

« This is an amazing application to learn the French language with content related to the French culture » 

« It is excellent, I strongly suggest it to everyone who wants to be better at speaking the French language »

« It is a great one, you study with exercises and videos. Now I speak the French language easily » 

« It is very helpful for learning the French language. It helps me a lot for the oral comprehension,… »

« This is one of the best application I have ever used to learn the French language »

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