The 3 groups of French verbs with images

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Here is an article on conjugations, verbs with their endings. The verbs are in French and they come with the translation. I suggest you to use all the material you can to improve your French, to learn new expressions, pronoun,…

Verbs from the 1rst group

Chanter (to sing)

In the present tense
Je chante→ I am singing
Tu chantes→ You are singing
Il/elle chante→ He/she is singing
Nous chantons→ We are singing
Vous chantez→ You are singing
Ils/elles chantent→ They are singing

In the past tense (imparfait)
Je chantais→ I sang
Tu chantais→ You sang
Il/elle chantait→ He/she sang
Nous chantions→ We sang
Vous chantiez→ You sang
Ils/elles chantaient→ They sang

In the future tense
Je chanterai → I will sing
Tu chanteras→ You will sing
Il/elle chantera→ He/she will sing
Nous chanterons→ We will sing
Vous chanterez→ You will sing
Ils/elles chanteront→ They will sing

Aimer (to like / to love)

In the present tense
J’aime → I like
Tu aimes→ You like
Il/elle aime→ He/se likes
Nous aimons→ We like
Vous aimez→ You like
Ils/elles aiment→ They like

Manger (to eat)

The infinitive of the verb is manger
In the present tense
Je mange → I am eating
Tu manges → You are eating
Il/elle mange He/she is eating
Nous mangeons → We are eating
Vous mangez → You are eating
Ils/elles mangent → They are eating

In the past tense (passé composé)
J’ai mangé → I ate
Tu as mangé→ You ate  
Il/elle a mangé→ He/she ate
Nous avons mangé→ We ate
Vous avez mangé→ You ate
Ils/elles ont mangé→ They ate

Parler (to talk / to speak)

In the present tense
Je parle → I am speaking
Tu parles→ You are speaking
Il/elle parle→ He/she is speaking
Nous parlons→ We are speaking
Vous parlez→ You are speaking
Ils/elles parlent→ They are speaking

In the past tense (imparfait)
Je parlais → I spoke
Tu parlais→ You spoke
Il/elle parlait→ He/she spoke
Nous parlions→ We spoke
Vous parliez→ You spoke
Ils/elles parlaient→ They spoke

Verbs from the 2nd group

Finir (to finish)

The infinitive of the verb is finir
In the present tense
Je finis → I am finishing
Tu finis→ You are finishing
Il/elle finit→ He/she is finishing
Nous finissons→ We are finishing
Vous finissez→ You are finishing
Ils/elles finissent→ They are finishing

Vous ne finissez rien →  You don’t finish anything

In the past tense (imparfait)
Je finissais → I finished
Tu finissais→ You finished
Il/elle finissait→ He/she finished
Nous finissions→ We finished
Vous finissiez→ You finished
Ils/elles finissaient→ They finished

In the future tense
Je finirai → I will finish
Tu finiras→ You will finish
Il/elle finira→ He/she will finish
Nous finirons→ We will finish
Vous finirez→ You will finish
Ils/elles finiront→ They will finish

Choisir (to choose)

In the present tense
Je choisis → I am choosing
Tu choisis→ You are choosing
Il/elle choisit→ He/she is choosing
Nous choisissons→ We are choosing
Vous choisissez→ You are choosing
Ils/elles choisissent→ They are choosing

In the past tense (passé composé)
J’ai choisi → I choose
Tu as choisi→ You choose
Il/elle a choisi→ He/she hoose
Nous avons choisi→ We choose  
Vous avez choisi→ You choose
Ils/elles ont choisi→ They choose

In the future tense
Je choisirai → I will choose
Tu choisiras→ You will choose
Il/elle choisira→ He/she will choose
Nous choisirons→ We will choose
Vous choisirez→ You will choose
Ils/elles choisiront→ They will choose

Verbs from the 3rd group

Aller (to go)

In the present tense
Je vais → I am going
Tu vas→ You are going
Il/elle va→ He/she is going
Nous allons→ We are going
Vous allez→ You are going
Ils/elles vont→ They are going

In the past tense (passé composé)
Je suis allé → I went
Tu es allé→ You went
Il/elle est allé→ He/she went
Nous sommes allés→ We went
Vous êtes allés→ You went
Ils/elles sont allés→ They went

In the future tense
J’irai → I will go
Tu iras→ You will go
Il/elle ira→ He/she will go
Nous irons→ We will go
Vous irez→ You will go
Ils/elles iront→ They will go

Voir (to see)

In the present tense
Je vois → I see
Tu vois→ You see
Il/elle voit→ He/she see
Nous voyons→ We see
Vous voyez→ You see
Ils/elles voient→ They see

Je ne vois rien → I see nothing

In the past tense (passé composé)
J’ai vu → I saw
Tu as vu→ You saw
Il/elle a vu→ He/she saw
Nous avons vu→ We saw
Vous avez vu→ You saw
Ils/elles ont vu→ They saw

In the future tense
Je verrai → I will see
Tu verras→ You will see
Il/elle verra→ He/she will see
Nous verrons→ We will see
Vous verrez→ You will see
Ils/elles verront→ They will see

Venir (to come)

In the present tense
Je viens → I am coming
Tu viens→ You are coming
Il/elle vient→ He/she is coming
Nous venons→ We are coming
Vous venez→ You are coming
Ils/elles viennent→ They are coming

In the past tense (imparfait)
Je venais → I came
Tu venais→ You came
Il/elle venait→ He/she came
Nous venions→ We came
Vous veniez→ You came
Ils/elles venaient→ They came

In the future tense
Je viendrai → I will come
Tu viendras→ You will come
Il/elle viendra→ He/she will come
Nous viendrons→ We will come
Vous viendrez→ You will come
Ils/elles viendront→ They will come

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