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Reading is one of the points (4 points) of learning French, the others ones are listening, speaking and writing. Reading is goint to help you to be better in the practice of these three others points, to get more confidence, to know better the conjugation, to have richer conversations, to get more fluency, to feel more comfortable if you go in France or in a French speaking country for an immersion, to understand better a variety of movies,... You do not need to go to the university to learn and improve the reading. It is very important to have pleasure to read what you read. What do you read in your native language ? The answer is what you are going to read in the French language ! It could be books, novels, magazines about nature, cooking, history,...

Reading a text which is a bit hard for you 

You need to find the balance. If you read a text which is to easy for you are not going to improve your level, if you read something too hard for you, maybe you are going to give up fastly. When you understand well a text, you can easily understand more words, and learning the French grammar rules naturally. You are going to notice that you are going to improve your target language (the French language), so you are going to get more pleasure and so more motivation to keep going.

What if the text is still too hard to understand ?

You are thinking that you are understanding everything, but as you are reading a text you do not understand everything. Keep cool !

1-Read your text several times before you stop doing this.

2-I suggest you to get a nice dictionary, maybe an online one, they are free ones. You can read several times the same part of the text. If it is too hard sometimes you can as well try to translate a part of the text that you read a lot of times previously , so you already know it.   

3 -If it is still hard to understand for you, you can listen to an audiobook while you are reading it at the same time.

Read a lot of books

The more you read the better.
At a level that is easy for you. And follow these rules :

  • Do not stop for the words you do not know
  • Find a new book if you do not like the current one

There are to help you to feel comfortable at reading words, and understanding the French grammar.

Read at your own pace

Take the time you need to do it. Read the text at your own pace

Then read with more speed

Now you have read several times the same part of the text, I suggest you to read rapidly now. So, you will be able to read faster.

Choose something you really want to read

Be sure that you read the text you really want to read.

Make it short

I suggest you take the time to get small reading sessions, regularly.

Do it on a daily basis

Come back to read it regularly. If it is too hard, sometimes, stop to read, have a rest. And then comme back to it.

Use a notebook

I suggest you to use a notebook, it is very helpful. If the text you are reading is hard, it will help you to write down somes notes. This is much better if you can do it in the French  language!

Here we are talking to talk about French books, some resources.

What are the French books to read when you are learning French ?

When you have a look at French literature, usually, you find big books with 1000 pages with endless descriptive paragraphs. What if you are looking for French fun short stories. If you still want to learn about French culture, I have a list. This list is seperate in two levels, but make sure to pick something that interest you.

Let us start for the books for the newbies :


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This is probably the book that all French professor will recommend you to read, because the text is rather simple, the story is not cheesy, this is not a children book.

Le petit Nicolas

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This is a great book for novice because it combines visual and text.

Click on the picture if you want to see it on Amazon
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He is a play writer, a novellist, a film maker. The books he wrote are very interesting because the text is rather simple, and it talks about the south of France, I recomend you start with


The next book on the list is

Oscar et la dame en rose

Click on the picture if you want to see it on Amazon
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If you are looking for a fun story it is might not be it because the main topic is death, but it is well written, it is simple to follow.

Another book I recommend for newbie is actually a comic, this is


Click on the picture if you want to see it on Amazon
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Why doe I recommend a comic, because visual are here to reinforce the text and this comic is full of text.

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