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Many people learn a new language in order to be able to have true conversations with native speakers. When you first learn a language you cannot imagine that you will succeed one day to undersant, for example, a podcast. When you learn something new it can be devastating. It takes a lot of efforts to feel comfortable at speaking a new language (French for you), but I suggest you to talk from the beginning.

Here are three ways to get better at speaking French

Speak from day one with native French people

Maybe you do not have access easily to native French people to have talks regularly. It is easier to find them if you live in a big city, in a international city. I suggest you to have a look if you can attend to language exchange where you live. In these king of event you may maybe find some peple who wants to learn your native language. This is a very efficient thing to get more speaking skills. And if it is not possible to find some people to talk with, I suggest you to search on the internet. There are so many websites for that.

Improve your pronunciation

When you want to learn a new language, pronunciation is often something you do not want to focus on. When you learn a foreign language the accent is very important, with a good accent you will get better understanding and listening skils. If you are able to « catch » a sound from your target language and if you can reproduce it, so it will be easier to understand the native French people when they speak fast. It will be easier as well to remember some new vocabulary or sentences you hear for the first time. When you will have a good accent your target language will not sound as a foreign language anymore. So, how an you improve your accent in the French language ? I suggest you to seperate the sounds of your target language into small sounds, like individual sounds. Pay attention to the sounds that are the ame or the sounds that are similar to your mother tongue and the sounds that are differents from the sounds of your mother tongue. For the sounds which are not the same I suggest you to practice them a lot until you say them right.Then, when you are able to say these sounds, you can begin to say sentences with the right accent. Do not forget to listent to podast, music, tv series,... Listent to htem several times, I suggest you to lisetn very small parts of it again and again until you are able to repeat the sounds clearly. I suggest you to make a recording of your voice and to compare it to the original one. The next step is to do something more difficult, and then more difficult,... and then you will be able to speak the French language as native speakers.

Learn complete sentences, do not learn words without a context

Focusing on the grammar rules and the vocabulary is very important, but it is not sufficient if you want to be fluent at speaking French. Even you do not know the grammar of a sentence, I suggest you to learn complete sentences. Do it in an intelligent way : learn phrases that meet what you need. It is better to learn some sentences that talk about the same subject, so the words will be in the same context, so it will be easier to remember. You can as well study to learn filler words like « hmmm, ah ouais,... », so you will be able to talk even if you do not know what to say. It helps quicker to be fluent at speaking French. If you know a little bit of grammar it is better. Doing this, step by step you will go through difficulties that you will resolve and finally you will speak a better French. One of the most important reason we want to learn a new language is to speak to someone.

Je l’envie → I envy him/her
Allons déjeuner → Let’s have lunch
Puis-je aider ? → Can I help ?
Parle-t-elle français ? → Does she speak French ?
Je t’attendrai → I’ll wait for you
Qu’à-t-il dit ? → What did he say ?
Pleut-il encore ? → Is it still raining ?
Merci d’avance → Thank you in advance
Pourrais-tu m’aider ? → Can you help me ?
Est-il enseignant ? → Is he a professor ?
Raconte-moi l’histoire → Tell me the story  
Parlez-vous français ? → Can you speak French ?
Puis-je l’essayer ? → May I try it on ?
Je le pense → I think so
Il neigera demain → It’ll snow tomorrow
Il parle français → He speaks French
Veuillez me suivre → Please follow me
J’étudie la musique → I am learning music
C’est sa spécialité → That’s is specialty

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