Download PDF – 4 workbooks to learn French while driving

All the resources I introduce you in this article will help you to have an immersion-like feeling, being like in immersion in a French speaking country. Getting more fluency, more confidence, improving your memory with oral exercises.

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Learn French Like a Native – Beginners + Intermediate Level: Learning French in Your Car Has Never Been Easier! Have Fun with Daily Used Phrases

It covers a variety of topics that are an interest to adults because they are related to practice and provides learning component. You will have the written and the audio form, it is easy to go through it and it is accessible to use it while driving, a good book to learn French in your car ! You will see dialogues activities so you can improve your conversations skills. A French native speakers is speaking so it is the same as if you were listening to someone in a conference or at an event, with a little bit of phonetics. You will work as well on the conjuagtion. It contains a program related to situations you experience in your everyday life : words, sentences for travelling, moving around,… I suggest you to choose a subject, to be focused on it and work until you get it.

There are 2 books in it, here is the content of the book 1 :  
Introduction Bonus tips
Chapter 1 : the first impression is very important
Chapter 2 : are we related ?
Chapter 3 : what day is it ?
Chapter 4 : there is no gift like the present
Chapter 5 : have a look around
Chapter 6 : how far can you count ?
Chapter 7 : what did you want to be when you grew up ?
Chapter 8 : where are we going ?
Chapter 9 : survival
Chapter 10 : what is the color of the sky ?
Chapter 11 : so much to do, so much to see
Chapter 12 : I am a bit hungry

Here are reviews :
« It is an easy access to learn the French language ».  
« This book is nice because it gives a direction on how to access learning for the French language. It is an easy to understand book and it provides many tips which is very helpful. But you neet to study hard to be comfortable in the French language »,  
« This learning book is amazing. It is easy to follow because of his simple structure. A pleasing book. I have been learning to speak French for months, and I did not learn words that I found in this book. It provides a lot of words and expressions that I woud not learn in a classroom ».

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Pimsleur French Conversational Course – Level 1 1-16 CDs: Learn to Speak and Understand French with Pimsleur Language Programs (Volume 1)

It is one of the famous resources. It will listen to 8 hours of audio that contains talks that you can have in your everyday life, and it comes with practice. Each part contains 30 minutes of practice to speak French. Each part contains a list of words, so you will increase the number of words you know at each step. It includes a variety of topics : greetings, numbers, meal, shopping, time, planning activites, and asking-saying directions. You ca download a PDF as well.

Here are reviews :
« Since I began to learn the French language with this method I have listened to one disc, I like how the language is taught. It gives easy and understandable courses ».
« I love how the language is taught, it leads to get more fluency and a better memory,  without to really study ».
« It is well structured, it has a logic, it is easy to follow it. If you have the discipline that learning a new thing requires, it is good for you ».
« Learning new languages with old methods did not work for me, with this new method I learn faster, it suits for me».         

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Learn French the Fast and Fun Way with MP3 CDs: The Activity Kit That Makes Learning a Language Quick and Easy!

It covers the basics of reading, writing, understanding, and speaking French. It gives interactive classes that you can do alittle bit everyday. It contains a MP3 audio for the listening exercises.     

Here are reviews :
« Nice purchase and very easy to use».
« These books are nice. It gives the words with the pictures and the translation. There is colours and it is illustrated, it could suits for adults as well ».

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Living Language French, Complete Edition: Beginner through advanced course, including 3 coursebooks, 9 audio discs, and free online learning

It contains 3 books, 9 audio discs : dialogues, audio exercises, translation,…listen while using the books or use for review while you are walking.

Here is a review: 
« I wanted that my son grows up with speaking French. I find that this book is nice and it is cheaper than others ones. It comes with three books AND audio discs. They are made in good materials, they have good quality, the pages are thick. There is a logical way for the newbies, it leads you from the basics to the advanced level in speaking and writting. It is easy to go through it and it is user friendly. You can easily use it in your car when you go to work or when you come back from work. This program breaks down the language so you can easily understand the structure of the French language : the grammar rules, how to build phrases,… »

Beginners : best book to learn to make conversational french easily
for pronunciation and vocabulary

Beginners : best self learning french books for pronunciation
and vocabulary

Learners : how to learn french grammar easily for lessons
conjugation as well

Students, learners : how to speak french for beginners for lessons

Students, speakers : learn french step by step easily for expressions

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