6 books and textbooks to learn French step by step

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For the literature and movies, I invite you to look at the previous articles, you will find books from the french literature and movies to learn french step by step.

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Easy French Step-by-Step

Among the textbooks it is a famous one. You will learn the rules of grammar and the most important concepts of the language. So, your foundation of the French language will be stroger as you study with this book. It contains more than 300 verbs (conjugation), the most used ones. A lot of exercises to get better at speaking the French language, to get more skills for conversations, and comprehension. It is very useful. It gives you the meaning of all the words and phrases. It is easy to follow and to get more writing skills.

Here is the content of the book, with explanations :

-I First element of French
1 : Nouns, articles, and descriptive adjectives
2 : The verbs être and avoir, subject pronouns, and negation
3 : Days and months, regular –er verbs in the present tense, and interrogatives
4 : Numbers, dates, and time and regular –ir verbs in the present tense
5 :  Regular –re verbs in the present tense and –er verbs with spelling changes,
6 : Expressing the future with aller, prepositions, and the verb faire
7 : Irregular verbs and verb constructions
8 : Irregular verbs
9 : Prendre and boire, the partitive article
10 : Possessives, demonstratives, comparatives and adverbs.

-II Affirmative and negative expressions, forming the imperative, and using pronominal verbs
11 : Affirmatives versus negatives, stressed, and the imperative
12 : Reflexive pronouns with pronominal verbs and the present participle.

-III The past and future tenses, the conditionnal, and the subjunctive mood
13 : Forms and uses of the passé composé
14 : The imparfait, past narration,...
15 : The future tense, the conditional, and indefinite adjectives
16 : The subjunctive.           

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Merde, It's Not Easy to Learn French: A Story in Easy French with Exercises and English Translation

Be your own professor. This book is written in the French language. It talks about the amusment and the annoyance of man of is leanring the French language. It tells the adventure of a person who are in the city of Paris and he wants to learn the French language, but he is annoying because cannot talk and understand fastly. It contains jokes, exercises and pictures to get a better understanding of the French language. It is more for adult than children because of the words used. It has two parts, so the native French people can enjoy reading it as well. The fisrt section contains the story in French with execises to train for grammar added. The second section contains a list of the most difficult words with the translation into English.

The content is
1-Journal intime
2-Words and English version
3-Additional exercises.

It is really fun and easy. You will get a basic French lexicon to be able to walk in the streets of Paris, by yourself or with a group of friends. It is easy to learn with this book. There is a small story divided into different parts, like a journal. First there is the French version, and then the English one. There are some questions to see what you understood. You will be able to have conversations in your everyday life in several tenses : present, past and future.  

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French All-in-One For Dummies: with CD (800 pages)

It comes with a CD. You can downlaod CD-ROM-DVD and more element, there are not counted in the file with the e-book.

The content with explanations is

1 : Speaking in everyday settings (7 chapters)
2 : Exploring and wandering about (6 chapters)
3 : Building the grammatical foundation for communication (6 chapters)
4 : Getting down to detail and precision in your communication (6 chapters)
5 : Going back in time (3 chapters)
6 : Appendixes.

It gives some hint of the French language and knowledge bout the French culture. You will see a lot of grammar rules. It is a complete learning because you can improve your pronunciation as well.    

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French Short Stories for newbies: 20 Captivating Short Stories to Learn French & Grow Your stock of words the Fun Way! (Easy French Stories) 

Among the textbooks it is a famous one. It contains 20 stories which are fun and easy to read to increase the number of words you know.There is a course in each story (verbs (conjugation : past tense,...), adjectives, directions,...). You will find a summary in French and in English, to review the course and to see if you understood everything. You will see a list of the most important words : French expresions, slang words, ... It is better if you previous got some understanding of the grammar rules and tenses. You do not need help from someone else to study because this book provides all the informations you need to know in the French language and in the English language. The stories are easy to read, these are short stories, so it does not take a lot of time to read them.

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French Made Simple: Learn to speak and understand French quickly and easily

It is good for people who wants to learn the language : the businessman, the tourists,... It contains rules of grammar, words, verbs, a French and English dictionary, reading exercises, informations about economy, French expressions, questions to test your knowledge, and the answers to these questions. The book is well organized. You can do the exercises as many times as you want. Almost all the words you will find in this book come with the pronunciation, but you cannot listen to them because there are no recordings made by native French people.

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French-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Bilingual Visual Dictionary) (English Edition)

Here is the content of this book. 

  • People (body, face, hand, foot, muscles,...)
  • Appearance (children's clothing, men's clothing, women's clothing, accessories, hair, beauty)
  • Health (illness, doctor, injury, first aid, hospital...)
  • Home (house, internal systems, living room, dining room, kitchen,...)
  • Services (emergency services, bank, communications, hotel)
  • Shopping (shopping center, department store, supermarket, chemist, florist,...)
  • Food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, grains and pulses,...), Eating out (cafe, bar, restaurant, fast food, breakfast,...)
  • Study (school, maths, science, college)
  • Work (office, computer, media, law, farm...)
  • Transport (roads, bus, car, motorbike, bycicle,...)
  • Sports (american football, rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket,...)
  • Leisure (theatre, orchestra, concert, sightseeing, outdoor activities)
  • Environment (space, earth, landscape, weather, rocks,...)
  • Reference (time, calendar, numbers, weights and measures, world map,...).

It contains pictures.  

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