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Let us talk about podcasts to learn the French language. Here I introduce you some podcasts I suggest you to listen to, you can choose it according to your level. If you look for them on the internet you will see that there are different kind of podcasts, some of them to be better at speaking the French language, some of them are suitable if you are looking for French courses, or listening people speaking French, some of them are in the English language. Some of them have a different speed, low speed, fast speed,… how to choose them ? If you really want to learn the French language, if you want to improve it, if you want to be better at speaking the French language without textbooks. Here I am going to talk about three podcasts.

Coffee break French

The first one is for newbies, so if you are a newbie…, this is a nice one to listen to. It is coffee break French, they are like a group, maybe they also offer courses and some more things. But the podcasts is completely free, you do not need to pay at any time, you do not need to register, you are going to listen to it on youtube, Spotify, it is like courses. There two characters  Mark and Anna. Mark is a French teacher and Anna is taught be Mark. Anna is beginning to learn the French language. She have already learnt some foreign languages so the French laguage is not the first one. So, she is learning the basics, the simple French lanugage. This is asimple podcast, you are going to learn the simple French language, not the French grammar rules, just speaking.


And then, you can try that one : OuiPodcast. It is like a lot of aiothers podcasts (discussions, business podcasts,…). With OuiPodcast you are going to listent to discussions between two people : Janet and Liam. Janet replys to the questions of Liam. You are going to listen to questions like these ones : How do you feel when you do… ?, Do you like the spring season ? Some convesations that you can have with anyone. Maybe if you are a newbie it will be difficult for you to listent to it. It will be easier if you have an intermediate or advanced level. They talk at a normal speed. They speak fast but we can understand them easily. You can also find it on iTunes.

News in slow French

The next one is News in slow French. The slower it is the better you can understand it. So it is suitable for you if you are a newbie. But this is a step, the first step, once you understand everything you need to listen to more advanced podcasts. Because if you just listen to slow French you will never improve it and you will never be able to talk with native French people. You will not improve your pronunciation and will still be hard to understand French people when they are talking to you. You can fid it on iTunes and Spotify. I like the topics they talk about, they are related to the French culture. You will be able to know how the French people think and speak. What are their opinions…   

Learn French with Romeo

It is suitable for intermediate level people. The method si very simple. You will not listen to French grammar rules. With French with Romeo you are going to learn simple French lanuguage. They speak at a natural speed but you are able to understand everything. You are going to learn some specifics things of the language, some specifics words.

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