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Use your iPhone or your iPad to learn the French language.

You are going to listen to native speakers, they are saying common words and sentences. And there is the speech audio to get a better accent. You can record your voice, you can say a sentence and compare what you have just said with the voice of the professor. You can listen to the audio wherever and whenever you want, even with the airplane mode. There are no courses really, so you do not need to study the French language from a specific time to a specific time, you can do it whenever you want during your day. You are going to speak with confidence in the discussions you are going to have in your everyday life. And you do not need to have studied the French language before.

With this application you are going to practice the French language the way you are going to use it. You can customize it the way you want. You are going to be immerged into the sounds of the French language. You can control your learning, you can choose the French words you want to study, so you can skip the French words you already know. You can use the review mode to see again what you have studied before during the day to make your memory working. There is the forlmat of flashcards. You can as well test your knowledge with a quizz. You are exposed to the new French words in a progressive way, and you also review them when it is suitable for you to memorize them more efficently, to put them into your long-term memory.

You are going to learn the most common words of the French language.   

If you use the upgraded version, you are going to learn the directions, travel and hotel sentences. The French words for food, you are going to be able to read a menu at the restaurant. Shopping sentences. Some useful French words and sentences for your trip to France or to a French speaking country. Study the most useful verbs.  

Here are some reviews :

« It is an amazing app to learn the French language ! I made more progress with this application compare to when I took French classes at school back in the years. Here are several points why : the professor is following the pace of the slowest pupil of the class, he likes to listen to them talking, he teaches to them a lot of French grammar rules and how to write some specific words and...  With this application you can introduce some new French words whenever you want, when it is the best suitable for you. If you want to go to France this application is helpful because you can learn pretty much French words related to the country. But if you want to be fluent in speaking the French language it is not enough, you need to use anoher one »

« It is a very nice application to learn the French language. I began to learn the French language with this application one year ago, I did  not know any French at all, and today I can understand the basics of the French language and I can read some French texts which are basics. You can use several learning modes. There is a flash card format to remember better  the informations. For me the problem is that it does not teach the French grammar rules, but it is more focused on teaching French words and sentences. The paid version is really nice because you are going to learn about 1 300 French words for something like 14 dollars, and it is enough words to know for a trip to France. You can use it without having  a wifi connection »  

« This application is amazing to learn the French language. I have been using it for three days and I have already learnt a combo of fifty French words and sentences. It is well organized and you can choose your pace of studying. I love the French language and I have been wanting to learn it for years, so I am happy I discovered this application. Some others applications are not so easy to use but this one is user friendly. I suggest you strongly to use that one »

« I love a lot this application, it is flexible. But there is one thing I do not like is the number of words, there is no enough words for me. But, anyway, I give five stars because we can play a lot with it. And you can use it without your hands. It is a nice way to begin to learn the French language. It's a nice start ! »

« It is hand-free. The courses are nice. It provides a big amount of content for free, and if you want to have more content to go deeper i nto the French language you need to pay. It has many functions, I love the oral course : first you say a word in the English language, and then in the French language, and then you can see the spelling. I refresh my French with this application, I studied the French language for two years, ten years ago when I was at the high school »

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