Best free apps and websites to learn French easily and fluently

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Here I introduce you  digital tools that you can use to help you learning the French language.

12 free digital tools to help you learn French


This is a stock of word for you can use to improve your accent, for example if you hear two words that they have a similar pronunciation or intonation, and you do not know how to recognize and pronounce these two words, it will say to you the difference between the both of them. You look for a word to hear the right pronunciation, and this word will be in a context, in a sentence or an expressions.


Many peole do not like it because it is a bit old-fashioned and awful.  


You can use the platform for free, the elements to learn a language are free as well. You need to pay to get the other part : ebook.


Google Docs is very useful because it has a memory. You can have conversations with a language partner, a professor. You can edit it and see if your professor wrote something.


I suggest you to make a new account on Youtube in your target language (the French language for you). I suggest you to search for videos in your target language (the French language for you) made by native French speakers for native French speakers : films, documentary, songs, what ever yuo want. You can put a comment, to like it, you can do this with several videos. The algorythm of Youtube is following what you are doing, the research you do, so the mroe you wil lokfpr French speaking videos the more Youtube will suggest you French speaking videos. I suggest you as well to turn the language of your account ito French.


It is an extension for Chrome and Firefox, with this extension you watch a video with more or less speed, you choose the speed you want. So, if you have difficulties to understand a French speaking film you can slow down the video you are watching. You can control the speed of the video. You can do this as well on Netflix.


This is the same as previously (slowing down the speed of the videos) but or the audio diles on your cell phone. You can record yourself as well and listen to it at a slow pace to be able to recognize the sounds that you need to improve to get a better accent.


It contains an inventory of MP3 with sentences and French expressions, everything is said by native French people. So, what you can do is to download topics in the language you want, in your target language (French for you). You can listet ot it when you are doing something else : cooking, running, walking, driving,...


This is good to meet and talk with people who speaks the language you want to learn and who wants to learn your mother tongue. You can as well having conversations with people who learr the language you want to learn. It is free.

Here are reviews of users :

« I am happy that I found Italki. It is not easy to get courses with a professor near my place, I can easily find one on Italki. It is cheap. I improve my French »

I feel more comfortable at speaking French now.

You can make msitakes, this is the place for that. You will not make mistakes in the real life. First I felt not comfortable when I spoke French with native French peolpe, my professor helped me a lot for that, now it is better. I feel more confident.

It is a nice platform to learn your target language (the French language for you). It was very nice for me, I feel more comfortable now at speaking the French language.

I learn the French language in many website and applications, Italki is one of the best I have ever used. The teachers are available and helped me a lot to improve my target language (the French language). I am hurry to attend my next course.


This is a dictionnary, very accurate. It is easy to manipulate it, it is user-friendly. It gives a lot of informations. I recommend it !


It contains a lot of informations, it is a very famous one. You can have them for free. You can have a premimum access for one dollar for one month, to get that you need to create an account.


It is not for free but they have a lot of partnership. When you register you need to give your number to be linked to the library. You can learn 70 languages. It is easily understanding. You can get 700 courses.

Have a look at others articles to get more informations on others application (Babbel – babbel, busuu – busuu, duolingo – duolingo, memrise – memrise,...without subscription and without subscription). To improve your conjugations (conjugations level), to study with flashcards, different topics. To improve your memory. To get more fluency.

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