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In this application « Travel Phrasebook », you are going to find a lot of French sentences and words , for example : merci (thank you), c’est combien ? (how much is it ?), Pourrions-nous avoir une table pour 3 personnes, s’il-vous-plaît ? (Could we have a table for three people, please ?).   

You can write a sentence on the application and then it speaks aloud. You need to pronounce well the word in order that the application understand it well. If it speaks too quickly you can tap on the icon so the word will come out more slowly.

You can as well listen to native people, they have recorded some audios, so you can practice your oral understanding. You can as well record your own voice and so you can practice your skills.  

Normally you listen to a sentence and you repeat it, but if your accent is not ok, if it is a bit hard to understand for the natives, you can play the voice to local people.

  • A lot of important French sentences and words
  • A good accent as it is recorded by native people
  • You can record your voice and get a playback
  • You can use it offline
  • You ca search by keywords
  • ...

Here are some reviews of users :

« It is easy to use, there is a lot of sentences you can use in your everydeay life, French words and French expressions. I recommend it »

« It is very simple to learn with this application, it is fast and easy. You need to practice your listening, reading and speaking skills. It covers a lot of topics so you can easily talk with native people and developping your skills »

« It is  an amazing application, the way it is user friendly. I cannot say bad things, everything is good, I have been using it for one year »

« It is very useful. I can learn more languages now. I am happy »

« It would be nice to have the alphabet and the numbers. Otherwise it is very nice, I am happy to use it. Thank you very much for creating it. It is amazing »

« It is really cool. I had a ball using it. I prefer the French language compare to the others, the French language is really beautiful. I like the Spanish one as well. Thank you very much for created this amazing application. I enjoy using it »

« There is a lot of things to learn with this app. You did a great job. Thank you very much »

« It is very nice to learn with this application, I can easily understand the basics for each language. It would be nice to have more languages to learn »

« It is a very nice one, an amazing application. It helps me so much. Thank you very much for creating this amazing app »

« It will be very handy for everyone who want to learn languages from scratch »

5 Applications You Need When you are moving around in Paris

I introduce you here some famous and useful applications, you can download to use them on your cell phone, so you can move around the city and travel easily. Nowadays when you are travelling, what you need to take pictures and to make videos is a smartphone. To take advantage of it I suggest you to read the following paragraph :

Google maps

It shows where you are right now, and the places which are closed to you : restaurants, hotels, banks, bus stops and train stations. It is nice to see the address or the place where you want to go. You can as well check the pictures and see how is a specific place, how it looks like.

Google translate

You can know about notices or whatever you need to translate into your mother tongue. You can as well set up a list of words, for example : « Exit = la sortie », « entrance = l’entrée », « help = aide », « store = magasin », « do not enter = n’entrez pas »,etc... You can use it offline as well if you download the offline translation for a specific language. You can translate whatever you want.


This application is very helpful if you use the Metro a lot, tram, RER, and the buses. You can see what is the best train for you at a given moment, what is the good line, which station is the closest to where you are right now,... You can as well check the timetable for all those transports.

Next Stop Paris

This is available for iOS (iOS) and Androïd. It is similar to the RATP one. The elements which are added are the places of interest. You can get a lot of suggestions for tourists places and other specific places. You can as well download a map that you can use offline, and an audio guide.


It is really nice to find a precise location or address. It is better than Google maps because it is more updated, and it gives more details. If you have a printed paper map, it is really nice to have it as well, in your bag or in your pocket. Because if your cell phone has no battery left you still be able to find your way.

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