2 tips to improve your reading understanding skills – 1 story to read

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Reading will help you to improve your speaking skills, to be among the good speakers. It is a very nice way to increase your stock of words (and a variety of expressions). It can help you to be better at understanding the grammar and the structure of the different type of sentences. To have a better comprehension of the French language. Depending on the topics you are interested to read you will get a lot of informations, explanations on politics, French culture,... It is good to remove the difficulty you will have sometimes, in France, when you will be talking to someone. It gives you more confidence.

Here are some tips to be more comfortable in reading in French.

What type of book are you reading ?

I suggest you to take the time to make a thoughful choice.

-I sugegst you to choose topics that are very interesting for you : French culture, cooking, animals, travelling, sport, philosophy, psychology, sciences, history,... While doing this you will have emotions (nice emotions)you will not have if you make a non-thoughtful choice. The emotions you have are very important, it will determine the ability of getting, remembering some informations, in others words, if you like what you are laerning, you will improve your French better and faster.

-I suggest you to choose a text with a level which is suitable for you. A not too hard and not too easy text. If you choose an easy level text, you will feel comfortable, you will read it quickly, but you wil not improve the language, you will maybe not learn new expressions, new strategies of learning. If you take a hard level text, you maybe will be frustrated because it will be hard to go through the text, you will not understand a lot of things, all the explanations, it will be a difficulty to get comfortable in reading, to have a good comprehension of the story, but you will learn new sentence structure, new words, new pronouns, new strategies of learning, you will enrich the French language. So, it is  a good thing to do sometimes to read a hard level text, to evaluate your progression, and to go further in your learning journey. But then go back to a more appropriate level text, otherwise it will be hard to keep the motivation up.

Do you read out loud ?

This a very efficient way to improve the French language. You can improve your stock of words, the accent, to get better at speaking with fluency. When you read out loud you need to pay attention to some words, when you do not read out loud (when you are reading in silence) maybe you would not pay attention to these words. So, you will get more words (example : pronouns,...), to enrich your stock of words. While doing this, you will get more confidence, you will able to speak to French native speakers in a variety of situations.

A story to improve your understanding skills

Here is a story in French with the English transcript, for student who want to improve their reading comprehension.

C’était un jour d’hiver, le soleil sortait à peine du dessus des nuages, on sentait la douce fraîcheur du vent.
It was a winter day, the sun was barely emerging from above the clouds, you could feel the gentle coolness of the wind.

Petit à petit la nature se réveillait après une longue nuit froide, on entendait parfois le bruit du vent dans les arbres.
Little by little nature was waking up after a long cold night, sometimes we could hear the sound of the wind in the trees.

Julien fit un peu de bruit en se levant, il s’étirait et sortit de son lit comme une fusée.
Julien made a little noise as he got up, he stretched out and got out of bed like a rocket.

Il regarda son réveil et n’était pas content car il s’était réveillé plus tôt que ce qu’il voulait.
He looked at his alarm clock and was not happy because he had woken up earlier than he wanted.

Il partit dans la salle de bain, il se regarda dans le mirorir et sourit.
He went to the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled

Ses cheveux partaient dans tous les sens et ses yeux avaient du mal à s’ouvrir.
Her hair was going all over the place and her eyes were struggling to open.

Ensuite il alla manger dans la cuisine. L’odeur qui venait de la cuisine était bonne, cela lui donnait envie de manger.
Then he went to eat in the kitchen. The smell coming from the kitchen was good, it made him want to eat.

En entrant dans la cuisine, il entendit des personnes parler à voix basse.
As he entered the kitchen, he heard people talking in low voices.

« J’ai travailler pendant longtemps, j’ai donc assez d’argent maintenant pour pouvoir partir en voyage ».
« I have worked for a long time, so I have enough money now to be able to travel »

Il avait regardait sa mère avec insistance.
He had looked at his mother insistently.

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