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Learn French - Listening And Speaking

This is an application if you want to learn to speak the French language in an easy and efficient way. It contains 750 conversations that you can have in your everyday life, some courses with several topics like how to greet, how ot introduce yourself, how to do shopping, how to handle a buisiness conversations, how to hold family talks,... It is suitable for all people who wants to learn the French language from newbie to intermediate, and to advanced people, in order to practice the oral in the French language.

I suggest you to do the following practice : while you are listening to the dialogue of native speakers, I suggets you to try to imitate what you are hearing with the same rythm, try to speak like a native. You are going as well to learn groups of French words and sentences to be able to communicate in your daily life.

If you are going to use this application, you are going to find :

  • More than 750 courses on French language usual talk that tou can have in your everyday life, with audio tracks of native people.
  • Several subjects from how to greet, how to introduce yourself, to talk rubbish to serious talk,...

You are going to use :

  • The transcript mode, you can show and hide it
  • The translation mode, so you are going to be able to understand the new words and the meaning of everything (phrases)

Phrases are highlighted and it follows the audio track

  • So, it makes easier to follow the dialogues
  • You can click on the phrase to listen, to practice it again

You can use the Playlist mode.

You are going to do the practice game, you are going to complete phrases, so you will see if you understood everything or not.

You are going to learn the French language through news, so you are going to improve your listening skills and your stock of words and at the same time you are going to get more informations about what is happening in the world.

You are going to learn the French language through stories, so you are going to learn more French words and how to say some specifics things in some specifics situations.

This application is relevant to use for :

  • People who want to improve the French language communication
  • People who study the French language on their own at hom
  • Peoples who want to do the following tests : TCF, DELF, DALF

Here are is a review :
« It is one of the best application to learn French, a thousand times thank you »

Learning the French language with the application « Learn French » helps you to get more listening skills, to get to know more the French grammar rules and to be better at speaking this beautiful language by listening French podcasts.

You are going to learn the French language through French podcasts. Every course comes with an audio track and the transcription, this help you to be better at knowing the French grammar rules, to be better at speaking the French language and to get more French words.

  •  French sounds : your French teachers Jessica make interviews of native French people worldwide who talk a little bit of their life and passion
  • Learning the French language and speaking the true French language
  • Learning the French language with courses everyday : 10 minutes of French language  with French professors from the capital of France (Paris).
  • You are going to be provided with informations related to the French culture, so you are going to be able to use what you are learning fastly in your daily life.

What you can do :

  • To know a lot of new podcasts
  • To download mp3 for free
  • To share the podcasts you prefer

You are going to be provided with free courses everyday. Very quickly you are going to memorize some French words, you are going to be able to build phrases, to learn to speak with French sentences and holding talks. You are going to learn more French words, to be better at using the French grammar rules, and as well at speaking it. It is suitable for everyone :  Newbie or advanced people, the persons who like to travel, the persons who need to speak the French language for business.

You are going to be provided with activities : reading, listening, writing and speaking. You are going to have a dictionary, an option to conjugate the verbs and a program to recognize the speech.

After a lot of years at school, learning the French language, you are not really able to talk, to say whatever you want. This app offers you a different method of learning.

A module last for 45 minutes, after studying the French language for 45 minutes you are going to be able to say what you have listened to. It is a  nice way to learning French sentences.
You are going to learn the French language with speech recognition and the spaced repetition system.

  • Voices from professional actors
  • Speech recognition : you are going to get a positive feed-back if you speak the French language properly. You are going to be better at speaking the French language.  
  • Useful sentences  -You are going to build a list of French words with verbs
  • You have access to a lot of French verbs and how to conjugate them
  • Everytime you want you have access to the statistics, so you know how you are progressing
  • You can test your knowledge with somes quizzes and compare your results with your friends
  • The app is adaptating to the way you learn the French language

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