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A lot of people use the car or the public transport to go to work, so they spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours a day for that. This is always the case for the people who lives far from the city (n the country side), far from their work. So, this is the right time to study, in a certain way to improve your life, so you can use this time to learn and improve your target language (in your case this is the French language). You do not only have this free time just when you are driving or when you are in the bus, but also during others moments in the day, for example, when you are back at home, when you are cooking you can enjoy this time to listening to podcasts.


Listening to podcast

The first thing I suggest you to do is listening to podcasts. You can listen to a learning podcast which is a lesson, to learn or consolidate the grammar rules, the conjugation rules, to increase the amount of words you already know, to practice with exercises,… You can listen as well to a podcast which is at the next level compare to your level, which takes you  to the next level, which is the one you will improve your comprehension of the french language with. And another one (it could be the second one as well) you can listen to, for example, a story saying by native French people, a podcast made for native French people.



Then the second thing I suggest you to do is speaking. So you can acting, playing a role, you can try to say a list or words you have learnt today or during the week and putting every word in a sentence to put them in a context. Learning words alone, without a context does not really have sense. You can do a challenge with yourself, trying to remember a lists of 10 or 15 or 20 words and say them outloud in your car. Nobody can hear you ! The more you are active the more you will retain the information. Or imagine there is someone beside you in your car and you need to talk to him, maybe you can suppose that you do not him or her and you have to introduce yourself. Or you can imagine that you are calling someone and you want to tell him (or her) what you did today. Do not forget to ask him (or her) wht did he (or she) did during his (or her) day, so you can train not just to say affirmative sentences and answering to the questions, but as well to ask questions.



Then the third thing to learn French in the car is doing a karaoke. You need to choose the  music, the songs you like, the lyrics you like and the ones you want to understand to improve your French. The French musical culture is full of good lyrics, so it is sure that you are going to find what you want. The advantage of the tune is that it makes easier the fact of remembering the lyrics, so the words and the structure of the phrases. I suggest you as well to sing, singing makes the informations more memorable, sing loud, nobody can hear you, you are in your car. The more you are active in your learning journey, no matter what you want to learn, the more you will retain the informations.

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« I tried to learn foreign languages back in the years, when I was young. But I gave up because it was so difficult and it took so much time to be comfortable at speaking it. With the disk I have learnt the French language at my own rythm, and I can now understans a language without understand the grammar rules ! In just 30 minutes I have learnt words and phrases, I am able to listen to them and to understand them and to say them, now. If you do not like learning a foreign language with the conjugation rules and the grammar rules, I suggest you to use this book ».


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