How to learn French with videos ?

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Videos are a very nice resource to improve the language and to learn more about the French culture. Watching and listening to videos is one of the most efficient way to improve your oral comprehension. You can listen to the real spoken French language, the one you can hear when you walk down the street, with French expressions, the same experience as if you were listenting to a discussion between several native French people. So, you will get the grammar rules without thinking of it, the structures of the phrases as well, the spoken French language as we speak in everyday life. If you do not live in a French speaking country and if you can not go in France, Belgium or Québec, if you cannot talk to native French people, watching videos is the best way to learn the French language. Watching videos is for everyone, no matter yournelvel is, you can take the most of it.

I suggest you to watch short videos, between 5 and 10 minutes, choose one video for one day, or better than that, you can choose one video for one week, and warch it until you understand everything. If you understand quickly it is nicer for you, it is important, you can calculate your success, you can do it everyday, so you are going to have pleasure to learn the French language and keep the desire up. I strongly suggest you to choose a subject that you like, it will keep up the desire of learning the French language, and to solve what you need to solve to be better at using the French language. You should have a list of several videos with subjects you like, so yo can watch them again and again until you can understand everything without the written part. When you want to hear again some special words or speial French idioms. Forgetting is part of learning, so learn until you feel comfortable at speaking the French language, it worth it, then you are going to have pleasure to speak it.

Why videos are a very nice way to learn the French language ?

Usually human beings prefer watching videos than reading books, or using textbooks. So in order to do that you can use the most famous library of videos in the world, this is youtube. Among a variety of topics, to improve your French, you can study the grammar rules, the conjugation rules, comedies, how to have conversations, the news,... There is a course for the subject you want. A good thing is that you can create a playlist and go back to it whenever you want. I suggest you to remember this sometimes, during your learning French journey : kids learn something new through imitation. So, to learn a foreign language they imitate their parents and the persons in the environment in which they operate.

Watch videos with subtitles

Sometimes, even if you are good at understanding the French language, if you have an advanced level, it is not always  easy to understand everything, maybe the character speaks too fast or they are using some specifics words,... Using the subtitles allows you to practice reading.

List of Youtube channels and websites to learn and improve your French      

It is a way to have French professors at home, it replaces your professor.


On this website you are going to find explanations of the grammar rules and some videos to grow your word-stock. You are going to listen to many discussions, and after that you are going to have questions and answers to see if you understood well the story. You can choose the suitable level for you.

Learn French with Pascal

It contains animations which makes it funny and enjoyable to watch. Usually the courses are given by an animated man.

Français avec Pierre (French with Pierre)

He speaks in French, he teaches the French language in French, so if you want to be taught in the English language this is not for you. So it is suitable for the intermediate level people and the advanced level people. If you can do it, do it because you are going to train to think in the French language. Videos are about grammar rules, how to get more skills when you are speaking to someone,...

Norman fait des vidéos (Norman makes videos)

This is a very famous youtube channel in France and in the French speaking country, this is a comedy one. Normann talks about subjects that are related to the daily life, to go shopping, to learn the English language, how to play ping-pong,... every now and then he publishes videos that he makes during his trips, with jokes. To listen to these videos it is better to have an intermediate or advanced level.


Cyprien is friend with Normann in the real life. He makes comedy like Normann, on youtube. And sometimes when he plays video games he records what he do and you can watch it on youtube.


They make funny short vidoes about their lives in France.

Comme une française

It is suitable for people with an intermediate level of French. There is a variety of choice : tips for Christmas in France, French pastries,...

Learn French with Vincent

Learn French with Alexa 

Alexa is a professor, she teaches the French language on youtube, she has a youtube channel. She makes jokes sometimes, she uses a puppet for that, the puppet is a character. The videos are not too long, so you can watch them quickly. So it is suitable if you do not have enough time in your daily routine.

Beginners : how to learn french in 24 hours for lessons and vocabulary

Learn french conversation for pronunciation, vocabulary and lessons

Learners, beginners : best French learning app for beginners and kids
for vocabulary

Teachers : best ios app to learn French for ipad ipod and iphone offline memrise for pronunciation, app

Speakers : books to learn French in 12 weeks for topics, app 

You want to learn French without going to the classroom, the videos are suitable for you, no classroom but learning at your own pace on your own.

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