Why do you want to learn a new language (the French language) ?

When you are learning a new language (for you the French language) you are wondering : Why do I want to learn the  French language ? It  is going to help you to build up a planning for studying. You want to know where you want to go with learning the French language. You are wondering « How can I speak it really well ? You want to be fluent more than just being able of having talks..

What is the pattern ?

I suggest you to follow this general pattern. Beginning with the French grammar rules and the verb conjugation rules. For example, you are doing the past tense, you are going to begin with verb endings and the subject pronouns, and then you are going to take verbs from the 3 groups of verbs, you are going to conjugate them, and then you are going to do examples with those verbs. I like to use important examples, I like to use very long examples. Sometimes I suggestyou to write some cnoversations, to putt the examples in a context (it is very important to consolidate the foundation), which is very efficient for remembering elements of the French language efficiently. It is a really helpful, useful and effective way to learn a new language (for you the French language). I thik that the ke to learn a foreign language is to know how you are putting new informations in your brain, how can you take an idea and make it your own. So, it will be an easy-to-understand informations. When you are finished with French grammar studies, you can do some verb conjugation, translation, sentences. It is really helpful to have a feed-back from a teacher. I suggest you as well to use a grammar book to get the right answers.

Do it your own way

I suggest you to use your own teaching materials, sometimes it is more comfortable to study. I think this is one of the best way to learn, to rememeber better the French language rules.

Workbooks ?

First, bear in mind that not a lot of people can teach foreign languages, not a lot of people is going to have their own material to teach themselves. I suggest you to find the configuration that is suitable for you to be able to translate phrases, I suggest you to write dialogues, to write and practice questions and answers, I suggest you to have a diary in which you are going to write « Today I did this special thing, I saw my group of friends, I said this thing to them, I went to school, I went to work, I saw that thing in the street,... Something unusual happened when I was going back home,... ». Write it the same way you would say it and then take a feed-back from a native French speaker or a French teacher. If you do not want to do that, maybe just have a talk with someone. If you do not understand everything, it is normal, this is the same for those who are learning a new language, it is not possible to understand every little things, I suggest you to use a workbook or several workbooks as a guide.

To have a language partner

Having a language partner is really amazing. Some people do not like to have a language partner, some people like face-to-face talks. The idea is to learn from people that are not professional language teachers but they just love a lot to learn and teach new languages. And also to helping those that are just interested about to know how to learn a foreign language (for example the French language) ? So, when you are studying the French grammar rules, when you are doing some translations, you are talking to a native French person, to have a language partner with who you can improve the French language is very helpful. And if it is not possible to talk with him (or her), you can use Google Translate, Reverse or WordReference. So, this is the same as if you write an email. Language partners really helped because after a certain time of speaking your target language you are not only make an introduction of yourself, but you are going to talk about things for a long time, you are not just going to say « Hi, I am Julien, what's your name ? Where are you from ? How old are you ? What do you work as ? ». You are going to start to talk about holidays, about culture, what do you do everyday, your main activities, your leasure,... your points of views about some subjects. The more advanced you are in general the more advanced and deeper you can go into the subjects you like to talk bout. So, to have a language partner is really helpful, useful and amazing.

I suggest you as well to be part of some group, it could be at school or at your job or through certain website like With some of your friends, with your family, your cousins. The idea is to be with people face-to-face. You can do it as well online, you can do video call, all these things are really going to help you lot. One person in the group has to be a native French speaker or speaking the language really well, speaking your target language really well. And, if you do not find a group that is suitable for you, I suggest you to create your own group. Internet is a nice way to do it.

So, I suggest you to say it to the persons you see everyday, you never know who you know in the people you see everyday or every week , at school, at work, in your sport team, that knows somebody that is interested in the same things.

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