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Here I introduce you five books to learn the French language. A lot of French speakers use those books, so it is really helpful for a lot of people.

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First, I introduce you the book which is named un Bescherelle, especially this specific book la conjugaison pour tous = conjugation for everyone. So, if you do not know what is this famous book le Bescherelle it is to study the French conjugation and this is typically French. So, this is that kind of book that the French people use, at home and at school as well. So, when at school or at the university almsot all the students have this book. It is really helpful and useful because it contains all the conjugation that you need. It contains as well the really old tenses that nobody use nowadays. So, how to use this book ? There is a table with all the verbs, you just need to look after the verb that you need. For example, if you need the verb Changer you are not going to find the verb Changer with all the conjugation but it refers to anotherone, for example the verb Manger because it is the same (these are both of them verbs from the 1rst goup). The important element in this verb is the ending –ger. I suggest you to have a look by yourself, for changer – manger. In this book you have almsot all the elements that you need in the French language, so you have présentimparfait – plus que parfait – passé composé - futur.

Complete French All-in-one

You to use it is « Practice makes perfect, Complete French all in one ». If you are looking to start the French language as a newbie and to get more knowledge to be close to the advanced level, this book is perfect for that. You can get the seven books in one go or you can also have them separately. The book helps you to be more structured and so more focused on your learning. So, what are you going to find in this book ? It includes basic French / complete French grammar / French conversation / how to buil up French sentences / French verb tenses / intermediate French grammar / advanced French grammar. So, it contains almost everything on the French lanugage. It contains 37 lessons and more than 500 exercises to practice. You need to be active in your French language learning journey. It comes with an audio to practice your accent, and flashcards to increase the amount of French words you know.

French : Short stories for beginners

This is the third one « French story for beginner » : it contains 20 short stories to read the French language in an easy way. I suggest you to do it like this : you read a story and for each story you are going to learn some specific French grammar rules and French words. At the same time it is also very good to practice how to read in French, if you do not know how to read in French. This book has 20 short French stories so it is not really long, you are not going to spend a lot of time doing it. It contains basic French words that we use everyday when we are talking to someone. It also includes French basic grammar. This is amazing. And at the end of each story you can do a little quiz to be sure that you understood everything.

French all-in-one for dummies

The fourth one is « French all-in-one for dummies » and it comes with an audio file. You are going to find six books in one book ! So, you have the first one is French for dummies / the second one is intermediate French for the dummies / the third one is French verbs for dummies / the fourth one is French essential for dummies / the fifth one is French phrases for dummies / the sixth one is French for dummies audio sets. So, it is a complete pack. The audio is to download. It contains 800 pages of courses and exercises to practice.

Easy French step-by-step

The alst one is « Easy French step-by-step ». If you do not know where to start, if you are looking for the departure point, if you do not know what to study next, this book is amaeing because it accompanies you in your French language learning journey. You are going to get solid foundations in French grammar. It is a really complete book.

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