3 textbooks and 12 weeks to improve the French language

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With the books I introduce you here, you will not need professors neither homework. You can get the essentials of the French language by songs, by yourself. So songs could replace your teachers !

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15-Minute French : Learn in just 12 weeks

This book comes from the international publishing house dorling kindersley (dk). Dorling kindersley (dk) is famous. It comes with an audio application that you can download and get it on the Application store ang Google play. There is no homework to do. You can use the visual guide to test your knowledge. You are going to get a better accent with native French speakers voices, and you are going to learn as well examples from everyday life : holiday and business.

Here is a part of the content :

Week 1-Introdution : how to greet, the relatives, family in general, my family, the verbs « to be » and « to have 
Week 2-How to order food : in the café, in the restaurant, the name of the dishe
Week 3-Arrangements : the days and months, time and numbers, on the phone
Week 4-Travelling : the ticket office, taxi-bus-metro, on the roa
Week 5-To get around : town, your way, at the airpor
Week 6-Accomodation : how to book a room, in a hotel, descriptions

Here are testimonials : 

« This is a very nice support for the French language. It is fun to learn with it. It is very user-friendly so you can just think of the French language, nothing else. I would like to have the intermediate level as well »

« I studied the French language and at the same time I was shopping. I enjoyed it. It is a very nice book. It is amazing for remembering words, I wish I have more books of this collection »

« it is really nice for the motivation. I strongly suggest you to use it. It is really nice if you want to go to France or in a French speaking country. The introductions are easy. There is no French grammar rules.The conversations are basic. This a smalll compact size »  

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Hugo Complete French: Complete CD Language Course - from Beginner to Fluency (Mixed media product) (French / English) - Common

This book comes from the international publishing house dorling kindersley (dk). DK is a famous one. It contains the course « Hugo In 3 Months » and the other course « Hugo Advanced ». The two books (with three CDs) are goin to takes you from the basics of the French language to a higher level. It is useful if you want to get the GCSE exam. One course is composed by several parts, each one is related to a specific point of the French culture. There are several sections for specific points : French grammar rules, French expressions, slang words, several verb tenses, you are going to practice with activities for oral and writing. And at the end you are going to find the answers with a dictionnary in both French language and English language.

Here is a review :

« This book gives the basics to become fluent. Everything is simple and the students have to translate from the French language to the English language and from the English language to the French language. So, this activity makes the souvenirs more solid. Then, it is going to be much easier for you to translate and so to have nice talks with native French speakers »  

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Fluent in French : The most complete study guide to learn French (English Edition)

It contains 12 chapters, you can do one chapter a week, so you are going to do it in 12 weeks.

Here is a part of the content :

Chapter 1 : motive and usage
Chapter 2 : fables of learning the French language  
Chapter 3 : fables of general language learning
Chapter 4 : techniques to study - how to improve your oral comprehension
Chapter 5 : techniques to study 
Chapter 6 : techniques to study – several manners to speak French in a better way

It comes with an audio application that you can download.

Here is a review :

« It is a very nice guide to study and learn the French language, it is very useful. I know a few words and sentences in French, I learned them from my French roommate, when I was at the university during my first year. For me it is one of the most beautiful languages in Europe, so I wanted to study it. It is very user-friendly. It gives you confidence to go along your French learning journey.  It is very realistic, you are going to choose some goals and then to be reward regularly. So the activity of learning becomes enjoyable. I have always learnt the French language by myself, so now I like to study with books like this one, I particularly liked the audio book that comes with it. I love learning from others cultures, with this vook I have learnt more  about the French culture while learning the French language : writing and oral. If you use it you are going to go from an intermediate to an advanced level. I strongly suggest you to use it »

Speakers : how to communicate in french in 24 hours
for pronunciation, vocabulary

Speakers : learn french in your car for lessons, vocabulary

Beginners : learn French offline phrasebook apk babbel for lessons, app

Students, teachers : learn French with native speakers for app

Beginners, learners : learn French in your sleep app while sleeping
for pronunciation 

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