French vocabulary: vegetables

French vocabulary: vegetables

French vocabulary: vegetables

Do you know the French vocabulary of vegetables?

If you are here is that you want to learn and improve your French, well done!
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Here we go: French vocabulary of vegetables!

Une courgette

Un gratin de courgettes
A courgettes gratin

Une carotte

Une salade de carottes
A carrot salad

Une tomate

De la sauce tomate
Tomato sauce

Une pomme de terre

De la purée de pommes de terre
Mashed potatoes

Un concombre

Une salade de concombres
A cucumber salad

Une aubergine

Une aubergine farcie
Stuffed aubergine

Un brocoli

Un gratin de brocolis
A broccoli gratin

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  1. Thanks Thomas. It helps me a lot. “Please, would you send me some vocabularies for vegetables?”. Hope you have a pleasant day.

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