2 Tips To Learn And Improve Your French

2 Tips To Learn And Improve Your French

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Hi English speakers who want to Learn and Improve French 🙂 !

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2 Tips To learn And Improve Your French : Memory and Knowledge

Studies have shown that memory is an assimilation to previous knowledge, with deformation, a simplification of vocabulary, ...

The memorization is generally an integration into previously stored knowledge. In the memories, there may be, a reinterpretation of details or an invention of details for consistency.

To learn and improve your French

-When I learn a foreign language, I use my previous knowledge, in other words, my mother tongue, for example to remind me of vocabulary words, sentence structure, masculine and feminine, ...

For example, the English speakers have a hard time differentiating between masculine and feminine in French because in English, sometimes, there is no difference between the two (example : the monkey is eating = it is eating (not she or he)).

So when learning a foreign language, it's important to consider that, to pay attention to which element in my mother tongue can make it difficult to learn a foreign language.

-It can also helps me, what are the common points between my mother tongue and my target language? For example, the structure of the sentence in English and in French is the same : Subject + Verb + Complement.

Example : Je mange une pomme → i am eating an apple

2 tips to learn and improve your French : Learning Transfer

Life would always have to be redone if new learning was needed for each new activity.

Example : I learn to drive with the car of the driving school, I spend as many hours relearning to drive with my own car.

This is not the case thanks to the flexibility of the brain.

Most often a learning facilitates the 2nd  one : it is the transfer of learning.

School education is transfer-based because it is rare to find something in life that looks exactly like the one learned at school or university.

Studies show that the transfer is effective only if the second learning is very similar to the first learning.

Reed (1917) showed that students trained to learn syllable lists did not learn poetry faster, or a Latin vocabulary.

If I know how to drive a car, I will easily adapt to another car, but I will not be able to drive a motorcycle or a helicopter.

To learn and improve your French

-Learning words from the same lexical field, inserted in sentences (thus inscribed in a context) → because it's easier to remember.

I study a 1st lexical field, I develop skills (learning groups of words, associate mental images, be able to reproduce these specific informations) that I can transfer to learning the 2nd lexical field. It contributes to the motivation and the desire to continue : I managed to learn the words of the 1st lexical field, it makes me happy, I want to re-feel this pleasure, I will easily learn the words of the 2nd lexical field and so on.

-The structure of the sentence. In French the structure of the sentence is : Subject + Verb + Complement.

I'm learning a sentence, for example : je (subject) mange (verb) une pomme (complement). I integrate this structure, I learn another sentence (being attentive to the structure).

Example : J’ (subject) aime (verb) Paris (complement).
I like Paris.

Thanks for watching this video 🙂

What do you want to learn about the French language? What are your needs ?

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Thomas Ricomard

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