Exploring the beautiful French rooms: from accommodations to cultural reflections in art

Exploring the beautiful French rooms: from accommodations to cultural reflections in art

  • La chambre simple (the single room)
  • La chambre double (the double room)
  • La chambre avec des lits jumeaux
  • La suite
room in French
  • Les chambres simples
  • They are made to accommodate only one person. These are the cheapest rooms. They include a single bed

  • Les chambres doubles
  • They are for two people, so they contain a double bed. They are for couples or travelers who want to sleep in the same room. In general, there is a private bathroom.

  • Les chambres avec des lits jumeaux
  • They have two single beds. It is adequate for two friends or people who want to sleep in separate beds. They often have a private bathroom.

  • Les suites
  • They are larger than the rooms. In general, they contain the living room (le salon). There is more space and therefore more comfort. These are luxurious rooms.

  • Les chambres de luxe
  • They are very comfortable, with more amenities and sometimes special services. In general, care is taken in the decoration and sometimes there is a beautiful view.
  • La chambre chez l’habitant
  • It is a private room within the family home. The client shares the common areas of the house with the family.
    • This offers a true cultural immersion.
    • Sometimes we can eat (in the dining room) with the family, and therefore discover the local food.
    • The host, who knows the area, can give information about local life, which facilitates the integration of the traveler.
  • La chambre d’hôtes
  • They are bed and breakfast type accommodations, so breakfast is included in the price.
    • The idea is to create an atmosphere similar to that of a family home.
    • The breakfasts can be composed of local products and specialties.
    • The owners can give information about the lcoale life.

    What is your favorite type of room? Write it in French in the comments, I will correct if necessary.

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  • cozy rooms
    For an elegant aesthetic, we use:
    • well-chosen colors
    • refined patterns
    • decorative elements that come from the traditional French style
  • The choice of colors
  • We will favor neutral shades such as off-white, pearl gray and taupe, for the base. Other colors such as burgundy, navy blue and olive green bring a luxury side. This creates nuances that are a manifestation of classic French design.

  • The patterns
  • We use toiles de Jouy and damask patterns. They can be put on curtains, carpets or cushions. To add a more delicate and soft touch, we use floral motifs inspired by French gardens.

  • The furniture
  • What is the classic French style? It is characterized by carved details and carefully realized finishes. We find quality fabric in the furniture, for comfort. For more luxury, we can add chests of drawers and ornate coffee tables.

  • The decoration
  • Antique mirrors and crystal chandeliers, for the authentic and artistic side. We can add touches of silver and gold for the luxury side.

  • Accessories
  • Cushions with embroidery, porcelain vases and candles that smell of perfume. This helps to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

  • Colours
  • The basic colors: white, gray and beige. Decorate with colors such as pastel blue, powder pink or gold.

  • Simple furniture
  • Furniture of a simple design. Built in such a way that space is maximized.

  • Elegant fabrics
  • Linen, velvet, silk. Take classic French motifs such as stripes, checkerboards or floral motifs.

  • Lighting
  • Put crystal chandeliers or bedside lamps. Put lights in such a way as to create a cozy atmosphere.

  • French crafts
  • Buy French crafts for authenticity. Be attentive to visual details and finishing.

  • Accessories to decorate
  • Mirrors with a frame and a refined finish. Put cushions, carpets and sheets with embroidery.

  • Contemporary works of art
  • Put sculptures, paintings or photos to create a personal environment.

  • Romanticism
  • Set up a romantic atmosphere with scented candles, rose petals and light curtains.


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    French vocabulary for rooms
    Un cagibi (a box room)
    Une chambre d’amis (a guest room)
    Une salle de conférence (a conference room)
    Une loge / un vestiaire (a dressing room)
    Le salon situé à l’avant de la maison (the front room)
    La salle des urgences (the emergency room)
    La salle de musique (the music room)
    Les toilettes (the powder room)
    La salle de presse (the press room)
    Le débarras / la réserve (the storage room)
    La salle de réception (the function room)
    La salle d’opération (the operating room)
    La salle de jeux (the game room)
    La buanderie (the utility room)
    Une petite chambre (a small room)
    C’est confortable, c’est spacieux (it’s comfy, a lot of leg room)
    • Les murs (walls)
      • Le mur (wall)
      • La peinture murale (wall paint)
      • Le papier peint (wallpaper)
      • La plinthe (baseboard)
    • Les sols (floors)
      • Le sol (floor)
      • Le revêtement au sol (floor covering)
      • Le tapis (carpet)
      • Le carrelage (tiling)
      • Le plancher (floor)
    • Les plafonds (ceilings)
      • Le plafond (ceiling)
      • La corniche (cornice)
      • Les poutres (beams)
      • Les lampes de plafond (ceiling lamps)
      • Le lustre (chandelier)
    • Les portes (doors)
      • La porte (door)
      • Le chambranle (door frame)
      • Le panneau (panel)
      • La poignet (doorknob)
      • Le loquet (latch)
    • Les fenêtres (windows)
      • La fenêtre (window)
      • Le vitrage (glazing)
      • Le double vitrage (double glazing)
      • Le volet (shutter)
      • La véranda (conservatory)

    • Les meubles (furniture)
      • Un canapé (sofa)
      • Une chaise (chair)
      • Une table basse (coffee table)
      • Une armoire (wardrobe)
      • Un lit (bed)
      • Une commode – Un vaisselier (dresser)
    • Les accessoires (accessories)
      • Un coussin (cushion)
      • Une lampe de table (table lamp)
      • Une lampe de chevet (bedside lamp)
      • Un miroir (mirror)
      • Un cadre photo (photo frame)
      • Un bougeoir (candle holder)
    • Pour décorer les murs (to decorate the wall)
      • Un tableau (painting)
      • Une étagère (shelf)
      • Une horloge (shelf)
      • Une tapisserie (tapestry)
    • Les meubles d’extérieurs (outdoor furniture)
      • Une chaise longue (lounge chair)
      • Un parasol (parasol)
      • Une table de jardin (garden table)
      • Un hamac (hammock)
      • Un banc de jardin (garden bench)
    • La cuisine et la salle à manger (the kitchen and the dining room)
      • La table de la cuisine (kitchen table)
      • Un tabouret (stool)
      • Le bar (bar)
      • L’armoire à vin (wine cabinet)
      • Les placards (cupboards)

    Here is a list of more words to describe a room
  • La porte (door)
  • Le bureau (desk)
  • La table de nuit (nightstand)
  • La prise de courant (outlet)
  • La climatisation (air conditioning)
  • Le chauffage (heating)
  • Les rideaux (curtains)
  • Le balcon (balcony)
  • rooms in art
    • Middle ages and Renaissance
      • Le lit à baldaquin: they were very decorated and were in the center of the rooms. They were associated with a high social status.
      • Les tapisseries sur les murs: the tapestries represented scenes from mythology or history.
      • Les meubles en bois sculpté: there were a lot of wooden cabinets and tables with a lot of carved patterns.
    • Baroque – Rococo (17th-18th centuries)
      • Le lit en bois doré: the beds were composed of many golden ornaments.
      • Un mobilier asymétrique: furniture with curves, characteristic of the Rococo style.
      • Du bois sur les murs: carved wooden panels often covered the walls.
    • Neoclassical style (18th century)
      • Le lit à la française: the beds became simpler, they had fewer ornaments.
      • Les couleurs: use of softer colors for the walls and furniture. They were not only present in a room but also in a chat room.
      • Du mobilier en acajou: wooden pieces reflecting a certain prestige, that can be found in a chat room as well.
    • Victorian era (19th century)
      • Le lit baldaquin en fer forgé: the materials are lighter and the romantic style appears.
      • Les motifs floraux: floral motifs were very present in the clothes, on the walls and carpets
    • Art Nouveau – Art Deco (20th century):
      • Le lit en laiton: beds with a much simpler style.
      • Les motifs géométriques: appearance of many geometric patterns on the walls and furniture.
      • Le mobilier en chrome: appearance of the use of modern materials that characterizes the Art Deco style.
    • Modern style (20th century to the present day)
      • Le lit plateforme: it is close to the ground and consists of simple lines.
      • Le mobilier avec des modules: flexible furniture to optimize space.
      • Les couleurs: use of neutral and soothing colors.

  • It is a metaphor for interiority
  • In literature it is often a metaphor for the inner world of the characters.

  • To develop the narrative
  • In cinema, the bedroom often serves as a setting to develop the narration and the relationships between the characters. This also makes it possible to create an intimate atmosphere.

  • The reflection of the culture
  • The decoration, furniture and architecture reflect French culture and values. In this way, foreign spectators can soak it up.

  • Reflection of the times
  • The rooms in French literature and cinema reflect the eras. Architecture and decoration evolve over time, so we can observe cultural changes through it.

    If for you the bedroom is the representation of something, what is that thing? Write it in French in the comments and I will correct the language if necessary.

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  • FAQ for rooms




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