Why audiobooks is effective to improve a language ?

Why audiobooks is effective to improve a language ?

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In this article I share with you Why audiobooks is effective to improve a language ?




Listening to audiobooks is an efficient way to improve a foreign language.

I share that with you in this article.

Improving a foreign language by listening to audiobooks is effective because :

It's Fun


You can choose funny stories, stories that make you laugh, it stimulates the pleasure of learning, at that time learning is no longer boring but becomes a source of pleasure.

This stimulates the creation of dopamine (this neurotransmitter directly influences the behavior). Dopamine enhances usually beneficial actions such as eating a healthy food by providing pleasure by activating some sort of "reward system". It is also involved in some "non-corporeal" pleasures like listening to music.

This requires the use of different types of memory :


  • Visual memory : for example, it is possible to read the story before listening to it, in this way I use only one memory, the visual memory. This makes it possible to see information for the first time, not to create cognitive overload (which is the case if I use visual and auditory memory at the same time).
  • Auditory memory : then I can read and listen at the same time (the cognitive load will be less strong than if I used these two types of memories from the first listening (or listen only) .The memory works a lot by association, use the memory auditory at the same time as visual memory allows the brain to make associations and thus memorize vocabulary words or sentence structures more efficiently.
  • Kinesthetic memory (the memory of the body): to associate words, expressions with movements of the body. For example, I can associate the action of driving a car, making the gesture of driving. It's very effective! The brain makes the link between the image and the motor action.

I do it to improve my English and it makes me want to create ones for the american and english people who want to improve French.
This is the method I want to create!

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