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How to use the words Devant / Derrière ?

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In this article, you are going to learn How to use the words devant et derrière ?. Let’s go !

We use these words to locate ourselves in space

They can be either a preposition or an adverb


Il est devant l'église
He is in front of the church

Nous sommes derrière le parking
We are behind the parking lot

Il a joué devant un public
He performed in front of an audience

Le chat est derrière la table
The cat is behind the table

Elles son devant le restaurant
They are in front of the restaurant


On met la voiture derrière ?
We put the car behind ?

Devant c'est mieux
In front of is better

Derrière, il y a plus d'espace
Behind there is more space

Je monte dans la voiture, devant
I get in the car, in front

Derrière on n'entend pas très bien
Behind we can't hear very well

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