Why I created a blog about learning French.

Hi to you who is interested in learning French 🙂
In this article I share with you my story, which led me to create this blog!

I lived in France until the age of 24, my parents speak French, I spoke French at home and outside the house, so I did not speak other languages than French until I leave France to live in Switzerland, in Geneva. Geneva is an international city where more than half of the population is foreign, I met Americans, English, Canadians, Spaniards, South Americans, Poles, Japanese, Chinese ... English being the most used language internationally, obviously they all spoke English!

Since I spoke very little English it was very difficult, if not impossible, to have an exchange without much effort to make me understand and understand what others were saying. I had some rudiments learned during the school but learning languages in France is really bad thought and at the end of high school, after studying English for 7 years, nobody speaks it.

I was very excited about being in an international environment, I was looking forward to the discussions I was going to have on cultural differences (humor, the way of thinking, cooking, travel experiences, ...), sharing experiences of each. But because of my English skills I had limited access to this cultural gold mine, which was very frustrating! So I asked myself how to improve my English quickly :

- Work with audiobooks (very effective!)
- Watch videos, with then without subtitles
- Participate in French-English language exchanges

This allowed me to increase my English skills and to meet more people. Nevertheless, I consider that I have a bad level in English, so I continue to improve it.

I like the French language, I love reading, I read a lot and I write texts, songs. I like to write and handle the French language.

This made me want to create a blog to share with you what are the best methods to learn a language quickly.
And also to give you content to learn and improve your French, which is a language with complicated grammar and conjugation.

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