best way to remember French

The best way to remember French


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Hello, welcome to this video in which I answer to a question from a member of the Fast French Learning community.

What is the best way to remember French?

This member talks about the articles I publish every week on the blog.

The best way to remember French: here are 3 important points!

1 - To have FUN

Among the articles on the blog, it is important to choose an article that deals with a subject you like, that you enjoy learning. This activates the brain areas of pleasure so you feel more like learning, you retain the information better, learning is much more effective.


The best way to remember French lessons is to

There is no learning without repetition!


Be active in your learning of French. Write down the sentences that are the most difficult for you to learn. Writing is a very effective way to memorize because the brain has to make more neural connections than if you don't write.

If you have any questions, let them in the comment down below!

Thomas, your French teacher 😀

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