Countries in French

The gender of countries in FRENCH

Do you know countries in French?


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If you are here is that you want to learn and improve your French, well done!
That’s a great idea 😀
Do you know the gender of countries in FRENCH?

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Here are the countries in French: what is their gender?

Do we say Le France ? or La France ?

How do I know if a country name is masculine or feminine?

1 - Feminine country names that

They are introduced by the article La

La Belgique - Belgium
La Bulgarie - Bulgaria
La France - France
La Grèce - Greece
La Slovaquie - Slovakia
La Suisse - Switzerland
La Syrie - Syria
La Thailande - Thailand

Fast French Learning
6 exceptions

6 names of countries that

Le Bélize - Belize
Le Cambodge - Cambodia
Le Mexique - Mexico
Le Mozambique - Mozambique
Le Suriname - Suriname
Le Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe

2 - Feminine country names that

They are introduced by the article L'

L’Algérie - Algeria
L’Allemagne - Germany
L’Angleterre - England
L’Argentine - Argentina
L’Espagne - Spain
L’Inde - India
L’Italie - Italy
L’Indonésie - Indonesia
L’Irlande - Ireland
L’Islande - Iceland

Countries in French

3 - Masculine country names are all those that

They are introduced by the article Le

Le Brésil - Brazil
Le Canada - Canada
Le Cameroun - Cameroon
Le Danemark - Denmark
Le Guatemala - Guatemala
Le Japon - Japan
Le Maroc - Morocco
Le Portugal - Portugal
Le Qatar - Qatar
Le Venezuela - Venezuela

Countries in French

4 -Masculine country names that

They are introduced by the article L'

L’Afghanistan - Afghanistan
L’Equateur - Ecuador
L’Iran - Iran
L’Uruguay - Uruguay

5 - Country names in the plural

They are introduced by the article Les

Les Bahamas - The Bahamas
Les Bermudes - Bermuda
Les Comores - The Comoros
Les Emirats Arabes Unis -  United Arab Emirates
Les Etats-Unis - The United States
Les Fidji - Fiji
Les Iles Féroé - The Faroe Islands
Les Pays-Bas - The Netherlands
Les Philippines - The Philippines
Les Seychelles - The Seychelles

6 - Country names that are NOT introduced by any articles

Chypre - Cyprus
Cuba - Cuba
Djibouti - Djibouti
Haiti - Haiti
Israel - Israel
Madagascar - Madagascar
Malte - Malta
Monaco - Monaco
Sainte-Lucie / Saint Lucia
Saint-Martin / Saint Martin
Saint-Vincent-les-Grenadines / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Singapour - Singapore
Trinité et Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago
Tuvalu et Vanuatu - Tuvalu and Vanuatu

Now, do you know the gender of countries in FRENCH?
Do you have any questions?

Thomas, your French teacher 😀 


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