'PLUS' in French?

How to pronounce ‘PLUS’ in French?


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Pronounciation of the word 'PLUS' in French?

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Do you know how to pronounce 'PLUS' in French?

Here are the 3 different ways to pronounce the word plus:

1 - [plys]
2 - [ply]
3 - [plyz]

--------------------1 - [plys]--------------------


When it has a positive sense.
When it's an adverb that designates the French words encore - davantage.
We use it to compare.

Verb + plus:
J’ai mangé plus que toi.
I ate more than you did.
J'ai mangé davantage que toi.
Plus de + noun:
Il a plus d’espace dans son jardin.
He has more space in his garden.
Il a davantage d'espace dans son jardin.
At the end of the sentence:
J’en veux plus.
I want more of it.
J'en veux encore.


Addition: 2 + 5 = 7

Another example: Parler français est un plus.
Speaking French is an advantage.

--------------------2 - [ply]--------------------


Je n’ai plus de force pour avancer.
I have no strength left to move forward.

Fast French Learning
Je n’en veux plus. (We do not pronounce the letter 's')VSJ’en veux plus. (we pronounce the letter 's')
I don't want it anymore.VSI want more of it.
Fast French Learning
Je n’ai plus envie de manger.
I don't feel like eating anymore.
Je n'ai plu 'z' envie de manger.

-'s' is a consonnant
-'e' is a vowel
So we replace the sound 's' with the sound 'z'

Plus + adjective: Carine est plus grande que Jessica.
Carine is taller than Jessica.

Plus + adverb: Il court plus vite que les autres.
He runs faster than the others.

--------------------3 - [plyz]--------------------


Julie est la plus âgée.
Julie is the oldest.
Julie est la plu 'z' âgée.
C’est la plus heureuse.
She is the happiest.
C'est la plu 'z' heureuse.


Did you manage to pronounce those words properly? 

Thomas, your French teacher 😀


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    I love french language. I really want to improve in French and I hope it takes me high in life. You are doing a great job Mr Thomas

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