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Hi, English speakers who want to Learn French 🙂 !

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Nowadays, you can master a new language perfectly just by using online resources.
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In this article I talk about Speechling, it is a website designed to help the language learners to improve the pronunciation in :

  • French
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish

To speak a language like a native.

No memorization, just talking. You know ? The thing you do when you visit foreign countries:)
The often overlooked aspect of language learning is pronunciation. Many learners want to sound like a native, but do almost nothing for that. The problem is that we are often unaware of the pronunciation errors we make. We need someone to tell us which word or when in the sentence we make a pronunciation error.

For who is Speechling ?

Speechling is for you if you want :

  • Being able to speak your target language like a native
  • Improving your pronunciation and rhythm
  • Learning new phrases and vocabulary
  • Getting personal feedback and coaching
  • Getting more confidence to speak your target language


How to start with Speechling ?

It's very easy to start with Speechling. You go to their website and register for free. You can sign up for Speechling in 5 seconds using your Email, Google+ or Facebook account. Then you choose your target language.

Their program will help you if you are a complete beginner or already at a conversational level. Their application will help you achieve fluidity and speak as a native. If you are a complete beginner it will obviously be more difficult, but it is possible because all the sentences are translated.

How is it organized ?

The Speechling Curriculum

It is divided into 3 levels:

  • Beginner (A1)
  • Intermediate (A2)
  • Advanced (B1-B2)

Speechling conversations

  • Answer a question

1 - You listen to (in your target language) and see a question (in your target language and the other language you have chosen). You can also only listen to it, to work only listening, which is the purpose of the Speechling method.
2 - You can listen to the sentence as many times as you want.
3 - You can use the option "slow down the sentence" to facilitate understanding.
4 - You answer the oral by recording directly on the site, by pressing the red button.

  • Describe the picture

1 - You see a picture.
2 - You describe the picture in your target language by recording.

  • Freestyle Mode (Say Anything)

1 - You write the sentence you want to say.
2 - You record the sentence.

  • Speechling Phrasebook

You can choose which theme you want to work from among several themes :

Aks fo help - Restaurant
Basic expressions - Money
Basic questions - Weather
Basic Answers - Clothing
Transport - Phone
Hotel - Bad situations
Health - Administrative
Personal questions


Speachling makes it easy to improve your pace and pronunciation

You can choose your current level and learn phrases appropriate to your level. The great thing is that you do not only see how they are written, but you learn to pronounce them correctly. There is no emphasis on grammar. You learn grammar rudiments by practicing the language. It is also an excellent tool to improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your confidence in yourself. The coaches do not judge, they respond in a neutral way to help you improve.

Within 24 hours after your registration, your coach will give you a feedback.

Items will be marked as need to improve will have a personal and verbal response to your registration. This includes correct pronunciation that is slowed down and emphasized to mark where the work needs to be done. The results are clearly defined and color-coded, making it easy to see what you've done in general, what you've done well and where you need more practice. I love that you are reviewed by a coach who is a native speaker and not a robot who feels that you said "ok enough" to pass the level or the question. This customization is really a good idea.

-Simply record your voice and send it to your coach for comment.
-Although Speechling is primarily a pronunciation tool, coaches can also give advice on rhythm, intonation, word choice and grammar.

Pronunciation errors can be fossilized. And fossilized errors are difficult to correct later. Your Speechling coach can spot them early so you can fix them before they get worse.

Mimicking native speakers is one of the best ways to improve your pronunciation and fluency, no matter what language you are learning. You will have to imitate him several times. Repeating once will rarely be enough.


The choice of language

You select the language you are studying and the language in which you want to see the translations. You can change language at any time. You can choose if you want to hear the voice of a woman or that of a man, or both randomly. I do not know of another resource that allows you to choose the speaker's gender.


User friendly

The interface is user-friendly and it's easy to get started right away. I like that it is available on different devices. In this way, you can practice where you are when you have time.


What types of resources ?

Use code FFL123 to get 10% off when you sign up for an unlimited account on Speechling. 

Forever Free

Super resource that makes it easy to imitate native speakers of your target language. It brings you 35 free corrections per month. With the free plan, users can receive up to 35 coaching sessions per month. You choose the phrases you want to frame, submit them, and you will get your comments.


Often, when you speak your target language, you do not pay attention to your pronunciation. Speechling helps you hear where you could improve your pronunciation right away. Then you listen to how the native speaker speaks the sentence and repeats. The Premium account is $ 19.99 per month, but you get unlimited fixes from a native speaker.

Use code FFL123 to get 10% off when you sign up for an unlimited account on Speechling. 

My opinion

Speechling is a great resource for studying foreign languages. In my opinion, you can use Speechling also as an additional tool while you are learning a new language. It is a tool to speak fluently but you need to have others resources to learn more vocabulary and sentences. Speechling is not a complete language learning solution that teaches you all the basics and nuances of a language. It is a specialized tool that helps you improve your pronunciation. A skill often overlooked but extremely important for learning a language.

Thanks for reading this article 🙂

What do you want to learn about the French language? What are your needs ?

Tell me in the comments, I will write an article about it !

Thomas Ricomard

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