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I create a method to learn french fast while having fun
I need your feed back to create the method that suits you, so tell me how it is, please.
Did you improve your french fastly while having fun?

These are small stories taking place in different spaces: the city, by the sea, ...
They are structured in the following way: alternation of questions and answers.
The method is to answer questions automatically, without thinking in order to learn and improve French while having fun and quickly.

Enjoy it 🙂

Right click with the mouse on the titles and choose to open the link in a new tab, to be able to read and play the audiobook at the same time

La plongée de Julie_4 mots

Mathieu se repose dans la baie_4 mots

Elsa et Julien dans l'avion_8 mots

Je vais à la boulangerie_8 mots

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