Top 8 reasons learning languages

Top 8 reasons learning languages

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Hi, English speakers who want to Learn French 🙂 !

In this article I share with you what are the top 8 reasons learning new languages.

What reason(s) do you have ?

Many people are learning languages. For example, for several years students have traveled a lot in different European countries to do part of their studies, or for holidays. They study then 2 languages or more.

1 - Learning languages for self- development

People invest time and money in what they are, in their personal evolution. They want the reward of the challenge that one makes towards oneself, for one's personal victory. Whether it's the desire to consolidate the basics learned at school or the desire to get rich, one of the reasons for learning is a language for self-development.

2 - Learning languages for work

Before, people who spoke several languages could be translators or interpreters. Today, speaking several languages gives many more opportunities than before, you can :

  • Work in an international company
  • Have clients from several countries
  • Get a job in a foreign country

Learning a foreign language for work is one of the most common reasons in the current economic world.

3 - Learning languages because you have emigrated

Many people learn a language because they have moved to a foreign country, and want to integrate quickly. For example, understanding what people say when I sit on the terrace of a cafe makes me feel less strange and more at home.


4 - Learning languages to improve communication skills

Language learning has not only direct benefits, but also indirect benefits. For example, living in Geneva (an international city) shows me that people who are more confident in going to others and talking to them.


5 - Learning languages to improve general problem-solving skills

Learning a language promotes memory skills and logical faculties, which are related to problem-solving skills. Knowing more languages promotes the recall of information, the recall of information is faster. Apprendre une langue pour développer ses capacités cognitives au sens large, pour prévenir le déclin cognitif.


6 - Learning languages to participate more fully in a culture

Learning a language is important for experiencing a new culture and becoming part of that culture. When you learn a new language, you discover new movies, songs, you can then share your discoveries with the people of this culture. It's a great way to experience a culture through music, books and other art forms.


7 - Learning languages to understand humanity better

Learn a language to communicate. The language creates a connection from being human to being human. The best way to know someone is to speak their language. Lets you broaden your perspective on the world, breaks the barriers between you and people from other cultures. In our time, people are traveling more and more, learning a language is becoming more and more important.


8 - Learning languages to become more confident

Learning a language can boost your self-confidence. It's not easy for everyone to talk to people we do not know, in groups or individually. Learning a new language challenges you to communicate with others, even if you do not feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading this article 🙂

What do you want to learn about the French language? What are your needs ?

Tell me in the comments, I will write an article about it !

Thomas Ricomard

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